Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Clothes for the girl

I had a relatively uneventful procedure last week and am pretty much recovered.  I wanted to thank you for your kind comments on my last post.  I have the results already but do not meet with my doctor for 2 weeks to discuss. 

So, Miss K hit a decent growth spurt recently and needed some new clothes.  I’m trying to bribe her to take pictures so we will see how many of my makes I can get photographed.  Here are the first 5 things I made her.

combo 1

First up is Jalie 3355 Hoodie
I used size Q for the shoulders/bust/height and size R from the waist down.  This is 1 size up from her measurements because last time I made this hoodie it just fit and I wanted a little growing room added in. 

combo 2

I’ve made this hoodie for her before: January 2015 I made K a polka dot hoodieMarch 2015 I made her a pac man one  and also a teal hippie bus one. This hoodie is the perfect pattern and I’ve even made it for myself in purple and tie dye.

combo 4

The instructions are fantastic, but all Jalie ones are.  I am such a visual person so the written steps are nice but the pictures steps are what really help me.
combo 6

Fabric: 1.5 yards of red sweatshirt fleece.  “hearts on red”  I picked this up in February 2015 for $4.50 a yard.  I wish I had bought more!  Do you ever get fabric that you wish you had just bought a whole bolt of?  Anyway, I also used some navy cotton lycra scraps.  Hoodie total cost was $6.75

combo 9

Next time:  I think I will take 1” out of the overall height because with the band that you can’t always see in these pictures, this hoodie is a bit long on K.  She likes to wear it but asked for it to be shorter next time.  She also asked to have a kitty heart put on the front with my silhouette machine. 

(here is before Kitty heart was added)
combo 11

The pants she is wearing here are Ottobre 01/2009 #29 Saija Sweatpants.  These pants are no stranger to this blog.  This is her favorite pants pattern.  I think if I counted right this is the 10th and 11th pair I’ve made for her. 

blue pant 2

combo 7

I used size 152, reduced the front rise by 1” and shortened by 1” in length.  I use 1.5” wide elastic inside the yoga waistband to help hold them up.

combo 3

Fabric: Dark Navy Blue Jersey Knit, cotton lycra.  This fabric is super nice and beefy at 11oz in weight. It was a dream to sew and it feels so nice in hand.  I purchased this in March and used 1 yard for $3.95.

combo 5

combo 8

I sewed her up another pair in a light french terry.  It is a Ruby Two Tone French Terry Fabric and made of 87% Polyester 9% Rayon 4% Spandex.  This fabric is so super soft I knew K would like it. 

combo 12

She actually didn’t like them at first – hated the heathered look of the fabric – but now has come around and likes them. I picked this up in Nov 2015 for $7.40 for the yard.

combo 13

With the leftover 1/2 yard of sweatshirt fabric from the hoodie I decided to try a shorts pattern out for K. This is Jalie 2445.  I used size R on the shorts and Q for the rise/height.  They turned out really cute but also really, really short.  K uses them for bedtime because she’s a hot sleeper.  Shorts: $2.25

combo 10

I made this pattern a second time in Lilac Purple Cotton Spandex Knit.  Same R sizing and Q for the rise.  I added 1/4” to the side seams though to give K’s hips more room.  I added 1/2” full butt adjustment and 3” to the length of the legs.  These are just ok.  They fit nice on the hips and nothing is wrong with them, K just doesn’t prefer them.  These are pajama shorts now too.  I picked up this fabric in August 2015. Cost of shorts: $3.25


In summary, K received 2 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of shorts, and a hoodie for $23.60 total. 

If you follow me on Instagram you have seen that I am almost finished with a Maxi dress for me.  It is turning out nicely!  I’m also working on a tank for me as well as K.  I have started putting together my summer “want to sew” list.  Have you started your summer sewing yet?

~ Happy Sewing! ~



  1. Are those iron-on size labels?????? I NEED those! With three girls, they are always confusing their clothing (think black leggings, rain pants, etc.).

    1. I hate to disappoint you Dawn, I got the idea to use my silhouette and heat transfer vinyl scraps to make my own labels. My kids hate tags :-)

  2. She's so cute and is growing up fast!! I love her new digs and how smart to do the labels!!!! I have to get a silhouette!

    So glad you're doing well!

    1. She is growing way to fast :( I'm sure you feel the same about your daughter ;-)

      Thank you Nakisha! You should get one, so many uses :D

  3. Jalie 2445--I don't have this one! Ugh. You make me spend money I didn't plan on. LOL I have to have this one. I love the hoodie.

    1. How do you not have that one? LOL. Thanks Shirley!


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