Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Roses, Pajamas, Pants, and Undies!

Round 2 sewing for the girl. 

Awhile back I made K a dress in a rib knit.  The fabric stretched out too much and the dress was a wadder.  However, Miss K snatched it up as a nightgown and wears it every chance she gets.  So I decided to re-make that dress with this pretty rose fabric she picked out a few months back.


Everything went beautifully this time around.  My fabric behaved, the pattern is well written and well drafted.  Seriously this is probably the best I’ve stitched up any garment. 

roses 3

And K hates it.  She thinks it is “too girly.”  I was a tiny bit crushed, however I don’t think this color looks that great on her so I’ll let it go. (Although I do think the style is beautiful on her).

roses 6

Pattern:  McCall’s M7079;  This is a great dress pattern for girls and has many options for open back, short sleeves or sleeveless.  It reminds me a lot of Kitschy Coo’s Skater dress.  It has a fantastic skirt on it too, perfect for twirling.  I’ll try again in a different fabric because I love this pattern, I mean I really, really love it!

roses 1

Sizing:  Size 12 for shoulders and bust, size 14 for the rest.

roses 2

Instructions/Alterations:  well written.  The pattern calls for you to simply turn and stitch the neckline, I used binding instead.  I also used fold over elastic in the waist to help it hold its shape.  FOE is so much softer on our skin whereas clear elastic makes us itch and get a rash. 


Fabric:  2 yards Buff Yellow Floral Ponte de Roma Double Knit.  Miss K picked this out in August of 2015 from fashionfabricsclub. It is a nice thick Ponte and fantastic to work with. Total cost: $9.90. 

roses 4

Next I thought I would try the Jalie Eleonore (3461) pants pattern in a Ponte.  I made these in a stretch corduroy for Miss K before and they looked nice but she split the back seam the one time she wore them. 


Sizing: This time I sized up to an R above the knees, a Q below the knees, and a P for the height.  This worked beautifully because they fit well.


Instructions/Alterations: I made no other alterations besides the mixed sizing, oops I forgot I did scoop out the back crotch curve about 1/2" to accommodate her large rear.  The instructions are typical Jalie, words and picture steps.  They do a great job of holding your hand with each step clearly shown.


Fabric: My fabric had 60% stretch (20% vertical); it is a gray, super soft “Pontiroma,” a poly blend, lighter than Ponte, but a nice weight.  I purchased 1 yards for $5.44 from Walmart.  I forget when I purchased this. 


I tried a new underwear pattern for Miss K.  This is Stitch Upon A Time’s Scrundies pattern.  I used the XS for her.  She won’t take them off! I had to make a second pair just to get her to take the first pair off! I think I need to make her some more!  These use bands on the legs/waist instead of elastic so they are nice, soft, and not restrictive at all.


Miss K also needed a few more pajamas.  They have pajama day at school every so many months so she needed some separates to wear. 

pusheen 1

Pattern:  Jalie 2686
Sizing:  I used a size R for the waist grading to a Q at the hip on down, and O for the inseam.  They fit perfectly and she loves both these pairs. 


Fabric: 2 yards of Ice Cream and Cupcakes Flannel.  I picked this up from Hancocks in June 2015 for $6.38.  I bought the shirt to go with it and put this cute kitty on it with my Silhouette cameo.  He is trying to squish himself into a cupcake wrapper so I thought it fit well with the theme. 


The second pair of pants was made with 1.5 yards of Sky Blue Sheep Flannel.  This fabric is heavenly.  It is brushed on both sides making it extremely soft.  I picked it up in February from fashionfabricsclub for $9.90.  Miss K has been asserting the fact that she is not wearing baby clothes anymore, yet she picked this image of “Timmy the sheep” from “Timmy Time.”  I will never understand, but I was happy to oblige.

Mr. T was feeling left out of the pajama making so I whipped him up a pair of pajama pants from Simplicity 2771.  I used Size Teen Large for him and added 1” to the inseam.  This fabric was also brushed on both sides.  I used 2 yards that I purchased from fashionfabricsclub in February for $9.90.  I bought this shirt to match and added the Bob’s Burgers graphic to it.  Mr. T loves this set. 


Stitch Upon A Time Boxerwear – I set out to make Mr. T and Mr. Sunny a pair of boxers with Ewoks on them. I’ve used this pattern 3 times now for each of them.  But since these are made with Ewoks, I had fun with them.  For Mr. T I used size XS with bands and no fly.  For Mr. Sunny I used size XL long length with fly, leg bands, low rise front, high rise back, and waist elastic.


 I also flatlock stitched the butt seam of both of these to make them more comfortable. Both guys loved them and wear them often.  Fabric: 1 yard total for both of Dark Olive Cotton Lycra Jersey Knit Fabric Combed 10oz.  I purchased this from Stylish Fabrics in Nov 2015 for $6.90.  It matched the Ewok panels I had gotten as flawed about a year ago for $1 a piece.  Each pair cost about $4.45 to make. 


Finally, I wanted to gift my niece and nephew a fun t-shirt for Easter so I bought and one for the boy in a 4t but couldn’t find a shirt for the girl in a 6-12 months.  At the last minute I decided to make her one with the Flosstyle Jukebox pattern.  It turned out so cute!  I designed the Farm graphics for each shirt myself. 


This week I’ve been doing a little landscaping, spring cleaning, and pattern testing.  This warmer weather has shorts on my mind.  I think I’ll start sewing some up soon!

*~* Happy Sewing! *~*



  1. I love that little floral dress! Lucky me I have that pattern too but haven't made it up yet. It reminded me of the skater dress too. I never thought of using FOE at the waistband, so I will have to try that when I make that pattern. I am amazed at how much sewing you get done! Your farm graphic is so cute!

    1. I love it too Shirley! Why can't it fit me? It's the wrong color for me too though. You should make it up before your girls outgrow it! Thanks!!

  2. A lot of sewing going on! That dress is so pretty!

  3. Such great sewing.
    I have to tell you, Trixie pulled off my boob to say 'Baaaa' when she saw the Timmy tee.

    I am hunting out that knicker pattern, it looks awesome. I think dress looks so beautiful on her, what a shame but I have been there... you can't force it.
    Clever you, those stencils are fab.

    1. hahahaha That is so funny Nicole!! How sweet is she? Thank you!!


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