Monday, April 25, 2016

My favorite new dress ~ SUAT Brazi

So yesterday I shared Miss K’s two new dresses (the mini brazi) and today I couldn’t wait to share with you my new summer dress!

brazi front cover

This is the Stitch Upon A Time infamous “Brazi.”

brazi love back

I used a straight size Medium and Band 3.  This fits with my measurements (on top).  The skirt has enough room that I did not have to size up for my pear shape.

brazi 3

I added 1/2” to the bodice because my muslin felt like I had to keep pulling the top down; however, with the skirt attached I feel like I have to keep pulling the top up – so next time I will just sew it as is and not add that 1/2”

brazi 2

I made the lining have slits so I could put in reusable bra cups (more on that at the end of the post).
I also took 1" off the length of the front straps - this will be different for everyone's body.

brazi 5

This is absolutely perfect in every single way.  I love it to pieces!!  I will make and wear tons of these this summer!  I already have fabric to make another maxi – and I may try the shorter skirt option.  This pattern also has just the bra option for a sports bra.  I have seen it as a tank, too!

brazi 6

I used ITY for the skirt and it feels like I am walking on a cloud!   

brazi 7

Fabric: 2/3 yard Turquoise Cotton Lycra Knit, purchased just this month for this reason $6.40 and  3 yards of ITY Jersey Knit Tie Dye Blue Multi also purchased this month for this reason, $17.94.  Total for maxi: $24.34

brazi 9

The grass makes the length look too long, but I assure you it is just to the floor when I stand on solid ground.  I decided not to hem for now, it is just cleanly cut across the bottom. 

brazi back 2

Today was a warm 75°F so I had to take pictures because we will return to the 50s the rest of the week; however it was super windy.  This is what most my shots looked like. . .   I was too excited to share with you so I dealt with it.

brazi 1

The Brazi can be found on the SUAT website.  There is even a 30% off code right now through 4/27.
Coupon Code: Aurora30
Here are a few quick shots I snapped of how I sewed the lining for removable bra cups:
1. take the lining pieces and place R sides together.  Mark 1.25” from top and bottom as shown.
2.  Sew from top to that line, and then from bottom to that line.  Make sure you backstitch at each end! Press your seam allowance open.
That’s it! So simple!  Now you have a slit in the lining to insert and remove the bra cups as you wish.  You would continue sewing the top as the instructions are written for the rest of the top/dress. 

*~* Happy Sewing *~*



  1. Absolutely gorgeous! It looks great on you:) I just love a good deal on fabric, ha!

    1. Thank you Rikki! I love a good deal too :)

  2. This is such a stunning outfit on you! Love the hair with the windy picture! ha ha

    1. Thanks Shirley! This style fits my body well. I'm sure you are used to the wind blowing your hair all around :)

  3. OMG, I love this dress. the back! Oh!

    1. Thanks GG! I look forward to wearing it often

  4. This is really helpful. I'm just getting ready to sew one of these, and I will add the slit in case I want bra pads. I could also get an idea of the fit on this. Deciding the skirt size by my underbust measurement was concerning me since I have ample hips! I will double check before cutting, but I am guessing now that it will be fine as is. I realize it's been a year since you posted this, but still, gorgeous fabric choice, love it, and thanks for the info.

    1. LOL I have ample hips too and it worked just fine. there is enough fabric there to not have issues. Thank you! I still love this dress :D


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