Monday, December 7, 2015

Silhouette Excitement and Miss K Sewing

My mom (who is the best ever) gave me my Birthday present early.  A Silhouette Cameo!!!  Oh how I love this thing.  I was impatiently waiting on some vinyl to come so I could make my first design.  Well, it came and I just went for it.  I made my design, the machine cut it out, and the next thing I know I have the best sweatshirt ever!

This is the Jalie 3355 hoodie that I made in April 2015.  I was sort of “meh” about the sweatshirt but then I wore it a few times and it is amazingly comfortable to wear.  So I loved it but it was so plain.  Well, plain no more!! Here is my new favorite sweatshirt debuting my first ever vinyl creation!


My “I’m so flipping excited” face


And my smug “I’m going to make tons of these” face


I’m going to have loads of fun with this thing. This is the Siser Easy Weed Stretch Heat Transfer Vinyl.  I wanted to make sure it wouldn't crack when my fabric stretched.

Anyway, on to the sewing. 
Miss K picked out some fleece (oh how I dislike fleece) at the store and asked for nightgowns.  I dug up a vintage Kwik Sew from the 70s it is #628 and is a simple nightgown with short, medium, or long length and bonus panties!  I sewed up the medium length in a size 12 for Miss K grading out to a 14 in the waist and hip, per her measurements. 

628 kwik sew

I made the elephant one first and Miss K approved.  She asked me to make the Inside Out fleece out of the same pattern.  So the bonus is that I had it already traced off.  These sew up really fast too.  It's a pretty shapeless nightgown which is downright perfect for a 9 year old.

I had to beg her to take pictures and she wanted to use the remote by herself.



Fabric for elephants: 1.5 yards “Elephant Party Gray and Blue Microfleece” purchased in September from Hancocks for $5.93 on sale.


Fabric for Inside out: I carefully squeezed this out of 1 yard of “Disney Inside Out Emotions Packed Fleece” also purchased in September at Hancocks for $6.72 on sale.


I also made Miss K up another Jalie Dolman ~ 3352
I sized down with this one to a “N” for the shoulders/bust and a “Q” at the waist/hip.  Unfortunately K thinks this one is too tight in the sleeves and shoulders.  I’m not sure if she will even wear it.  She prefers the ITY fabric like the one I made her in October.


I may just take the Navy sleeves off and hem it to be short sleeves.  She seems to have a problem/irritation where the seam on the sleeves meet. The fabric is Rayon Jersey.  The elephants are scraps from my shirt the other day, the Navy is also scraps from that shirt. I would say the Navy was 1/4 yard for $1.31 and 1/2 yard of the elephants for $3.75 for a total of $5.06



  1. I LOVE the pictures on this post!! I need to get the Jalie hoodie pattern. I have so many Jalie patterns that I'm shocked that I missed that one. You make me spend more money. ha ha I predict after seeing numerous posts with you using your silhouette, it will be going on my Christmas list next year.

    1. Thank you Shirley :D You should get that pattern. The hoodie is awesome. The sweatpants are way over-sized though :( I think it is still worth it; I've made a ton of these hoodies.
      Oh you would have so much fun with your kids and the Silhouette! Plus it cuts out other things too like cardstock and fabric...... :D

  2. Wow, that is an awesome birthday present! You are going to have a ton of fun with that!

  3. You guys are so cute <3
    What an amazing gift! I cannot wait to see all the fun stuff that you churn out!

    1. Thanks Nakisha :D I assure you there will be lots of things to come ;-) lol

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Debbie! I love taking something I wasn't wearing much and tweaking it to something I want to wear all the time!


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