Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jalie 3355 Sweatshirt/Hoodie with Ottobre pants

I seem to be collecting Jalie patterns and sewing from them only sporadically.  I hope to change that!  Here is Jalie 3355, it is a Sweatshirt/hoodie and sweatpants pattern.

I made K view B - the Hoodie.

Size: Width of P and Height of M. This coordinates with most of her measurements.  Her chest is 2" smaller than the pattern states but sweatshirts are supposed to be roomy.

Fabric: 1.5 yards white dots on black sweatshirt knit fabric from purple seamstress, purchased for $15 total in November 2014.  Purple in lining is a tiny piece of lovely Cotton Lycra also from purple seamstress, purchased at the same time.

Instructions: I love Jalie instructions.  They are printed on the pattern paper, but you can also print them off from the website. I always do this to have them handy.  I love that they have pictures for pretty much each step along with the written directions - I'm a visual person.

Sadly I somehow missed the Kangaroo pocket steps because they are at the bottom of the page that talks about sewing techniques to use. I usually skip that page. Whoops!  I attached it after I had sewn the sleeves on and sides together. It was a bit cramped but I got it.  Also, The instructions state to fold top and sides to the wrong side but do not say by how much.  I winged it and just did 1/2".  It worked fine.

The rest of the instructions were spot on.  I had no issues, until I sewed the hood.  The pattern asks for sweatshirt fabric with 10% stretch, mine had none.  I'm not sure if this was the issue or not but there was no way that hood was getting over K's head. I didn't have any more of the dot fabric left to cut a new, larger hood.  So K and I agreed that we would use the ribbing fabric for the hood. Now it fits perfect. She also wanted it lined in purple.  No problem.  I will have the hood lining pictures near the bottom of this post if anyone is interested.  It is pretty simple to line a hood :) Plus I do not enjoy seeing the seam if left unlined.

In addition to changing the hood to a stretchy fabric, I had to shave 1/2" off the neckline of the bodice for K's head to fit through.  She likes it. It fits her very nicely.

I made purple Ottobre 01/2009 #29 "Saija" Sweatpants to go with the sweatshirt since the hood lining was purple.  While I was at it I sewed up a gray pair too.  Both are of Cotton Velour.  Fuzzy pants are always welcome in the winter.  Size 146. Since I've sewn this Ottobre pattern seven times now, I'll spare you the review :P  But here they are and they will be much loved.
Fabric: Purple: Juicy Amethyst Cotton Velour, 1 yard, $9 from Nature's Fabrics Dec 2014.
Gray: Juicy Charcoal Heather Cotton Velour, 1 yard, $9 from Nature's Fabrics Dec 2014.

K took off to read a new book in her sweat set.  So they must be a hit!

Hood lining steps:
cut 1 of hood, cut 1 of lining. I took 1" off lining on straight edge at front so it would turn nicely to the inside when topstitching.

 Sew curved sides of each, separately.  Then put R sides together of hood and lining and sew them together on the long straight edges that make the front (not the bottom).
 Turn them R side out and stuff lining into hood. Press all around that outside facing edge.  Since my purple lining was 1: shorter here it went inside my hood nicely.  I made sure to turn in so that 1/2" of my hoodie was to the inside.
 Topstitch and enjoy! Now you can attach to bodice as normal.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Love it! I especially love the close up pic of your daughter--what a great photo! I never thought of cutting the lining a little narrower than the hood piece! Awesome! I always fiddle with that edge to make sure the lining isn't poking out on the other side before I top stitch. Your way is so much easier.

    1. Thanks Shirley! of course that is the picture she didn't want me to use, lol. I used to fiddle with the edges too until I read somewhere to cut it a tad smaller. :)

  2. Cute outfit! I'm sure it's welcome on these cold days.:)

  3. Definite win! She looks happy and the sweats look so cosy. Very nicely done mom! :)

    1. Thanks Nakisha! It is a rare mom-win moment, hahahahaha. I need one for myself now

  4. Cute! Thanks for the instructions to line the hood. I'm working on a hoodie for my daughter now and was thinking of doing that.

    1. Your welcome :) and thanks! It is really swift and makes it look nice! Good luck with yours!

  5. She looks cozy in her new duds. That's a great sweatshirt. Lining your hoods is a good way to use up knit scraps, too.

    1. Thanks Joy! This pattern is turning out to be a tnt around here ;-)
      I love having any sort of way to use up scraps too. :D


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