Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Monthly Silhouette Makes ~ March

I have lots of sewing makes to share with you but I also have a non-compliant 10 yr old that won’t take pictures at the moment.  So I’ll share them when I can.

I do have some fun silhouette cameo makes to share though!  Here is what I made in March:

Bob’s Burgers PJs for Mr. T.  I bought the shirt plain and added a bob’s burgers decal.  The tee matches his PJ pants perfectly – I made the pants

Not one to be left out, I made Miss K these PJ pants, bought a plain tee, and added the “Timmy time” sheep to the front.  She picked this image.20160317_145811

I made Miss K some new undies to try out (Scrundlewear by Stitch Upon a Time) and added a BMO picture to them

She loved the above ones so much she refused to take them off so I made her another pair and added “LSP” (These are both Adventure Time Characters)20160320_113340

By far the most fun and exciting projects this month were the following four pictures.  This is called the PVPP method.  You paint a canvas your color (white), put down a vinyl picture (cut out with cameo), paint it, then peel off the vinyl when dry. It turns out to be a pretty cool image.

Here is Miss K’s picture she painted.  She picked out Link for her room.  These are pretty big canvases, which kept her busy one day she was sick.  She had a ton of fun painting it.

and an in progress shot:

Here is the owl I painted with this method.  It hangs in my living room now.


Mr. T watches a lot of YouTube videos.  He asked me to make him a “Lazy Harp Seal” hoodie.  I bought the hoodie, and then spent 2 hours designing and pulling out the layers to cut before finally finishing this for him.  He was over the moon. 

Miss K needed a new Library Tote so I surprised her with this one day.

Miss K also asked for a “We Bare Bears” tee so I spent way more time than necessary getting this shirt done.  I lightened the image up so you can see the top bear is brown. 

Mr. T also asked for a Rick and Morty tee.  I found some cool posters online and traced them.  I love the design that resulted from it. 

Mr. SunnySewing was feeling quite left out.  So I made him a tee (modeled by miss K).  It is a quote from “the  office”

Then I made him this fun mug.  Here is side two:

and side one.  He drinks a lot of coffee.

As you can see I really enjoy using my cameo.  I haven’t even scratched the surface of what I can do with it.  The artistic side in me loves designing and pulling layers and colors out of the designs. 

Sewing-wise I’m getting my Spring/Summer Plans lined up.  I see lots of maxi dresses, shorts, tanks, and other dresses in my future.  I also want to sew up another pair of jeans. And there is the quilt I need to finish for Miss K. 

Health-wise I have some more testing and an outpatient procedure this next week – it never seems to end.  So I won’t be able to sew until the following week.  I’ll try to do better about posting my makes; unfortunately this year has been hard for me so far health-wise.  It ebbs and flows so I just wait for it to swing back to ok.

Spring is finally here in the Midwest!

Happy Sewing!



  1. I am so very very sorry to hear you have not been well again, big virtual hugs from me to you.

    I love what you are doing with your prints, they are so fun and funky.
    Good luck at the Docs.
    xxx Nicole

    1. Thanks Nicole! Chronic illness stinks; but hopefully with these new tests I'll be able to get some answers. The tests went almost uneventful and I'm now just waiting on results :)

  2. Your talent never ceases to amaze me! You inspire me so much. One day I would like to try one of those amazing paintings. I wish I had a binder for my serger; I think they make better looking undies. Those look like they would be very comfortable in the legs--there is no elastic, right? When I tried making undies for one of my girls, the elastic was too irritating and confining.

    1. Thanks Shirley! You should try the painting! It is way easier than it looks and the kids love it.
      These undies have no elastic, they are bands like you would use on a neckline. K swears they are super comfy. I'd try some for myself but I just made a ton of Jalie ones for me ;-)

  3. I LOVE the screen prints, especially the tote that reads "I love big books and I cannot lie" = priceless. Do you sell your screen print makes? I think it's worth investigating if you don't already, really cool makes.

    Carol from

    1. Thank you! I only make for my family right now :) Their demands keep me busy enough! lol


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