Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Sewing Plans ~ MeSewing

I really need to get my act together here.  My sewing room was a mess, my sewing plans were a mess and I don't do well with disorder. I have a spreadsheet for almost everything so why not my sewing plans?  This should keep me in line and help me be more productive.  Half the time I walk into my sewing room and wonder what to sew out of the massive pile of "to do's" - then I get overwhelmed and walk out.

So. Here is what I'd like to sew this summer for myself. Of course there is always room for spur of the moment creativity, but this list will help me when I'm not sure what to do.

Simplicity 3352

View 1 (right side).
Fabric: a lightweight white cotton in stash

Simplicity 3573
  Spring Green Dotted Swiss Lawn
View A (bottom right).
Fabric: I'm thinking a light swiss dot in the greenish color shown

Jalie 3023 and 3351
Tankini / Skirtini Sewing Pattern Cover Jalie 3351 - Swim ShortsItalian Swimwear Print - ML225725 - Grey / Floral / Multi
Tank and swim shorts
Fabric: white bands and this cute swim fabric
Completed finally in 2015 seen here

Sewaholic Cambie
View A (on left)
Fabric: This amazingly awesome cotton lawn by Marc Jacobs

McCall's 6957
ITY Purple/Pink Jersey Knit
View A and C (tank and s/s)
Fabric: not sure yet, I'd like to make the tank dress in an ITY, maybe this?

New Look 6285
New Look 6285  Kaufman Laguna Stretch Jersey Knit Tile Turquoise/White
View C (on top right)
Fabric: Laguna Cotton Jersey on the bottom half in the medallions, orange solid on top? Bright blue on top?
Completed and seen here

New Look 6470
View B (purple tank in middle right)
Fabric: This fantastic ITY I just purchased :D (made a muslin and completed another test top. Not happy enough to cut into the fantastic fabric yet!)
Completed in 2015 and seen here

Simplicity 3750

View E (the white one in the middle)
I already made this before, and loved it but need to make it with the adjustments:
slightly longer and a bit larger in the bust; also I want to sew the main band down in the front
Fabric: A cotton lawn, probably this one in my stash

Butterick 4800

View C (bottom green)
Fabric: no clue! ha, this sounds like a reoccurring theme here.  some lawn, perhaps this? (in stash)
Nix this. I tried to muslin it and it sucked. :(

McCall's 6964
Kaufman Laguna Stretch Jersey Knit Amethyst
View A (tank in middle); let's see how the Palmer/Pletsch fits :)
Fabric: This purple cotton jersey in stash

Simplicity 4813
 Stretch Gingham Light Blue/White
View 3 (short sleeve on top)
Fabric: a stretch blue gingham like this

Sewaholic Thurlow

View B
Fabric: this amazing soft brushed flannel twill (in stash) Made and they are too big. Need to try again.

Vogue 1247
Fabric: Organic Cotton Twill in Cool River (in stash)

McCall's 6966

View D (striped one on right)
Fabric: let's use up that failed maxi dress fabric :)  striped rayon jersey

Do you make sewing lists? Do you sew better with one?

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Love your plans.. some great patterns.. Look forward to seeing what you will sew next.. Have fun.

    1. Thanks Judy! I'm excited to get some of them sewn up

  2. Like many sewers I think, I have more plans than time! There are always things I need/want then someone will release a new pattern I love and that joins the queue too! I really hope to get some sewing time over the next three months as I am finishing the decorating today that has been a big drain on my time. I'm looking forward to sharing our projects over the summer!

    1. I wish I had more time, and my body cooperated as much as my mind! Yay for finishing the decorating! I always love seeing your makes so I will be watching for them :)

  3. Your plans look great! My list of to-do's are not getting any smaller, and like you I get overwhelmed and can't get anything done... I have found sewalongs to be quite helpful in getting specific items done, but that can also backfire when I have too little time to sew. The important thing is to have fun with it!
    Happy sewing ;)

    1. Thanks Siri! I like watching sew-alongs from the sidelines - too much pressure for me to handle! I can see how they would be motivating though. I guess it is better we have so much on our lists than nothing at all! :D

  4. Nice! I'm really swooning over that vintage blouse pattern!

    I'm definitely a planner. Actually, I'm an over-planner, LOL! But I do best from a hand-written list, so I always have a tiny notebook where I keep my sewing plans. I write down my ideas in black ink, and then when I actually make them, I cross them off in red - that's the most exciting part!

    1. Thanks Gail! I saw the blouse first on Siri's blog here http://pinhouseplaymate.blogspot.com/2013/10/my-very-first-blouse.html
      and decided I had to have it! :)
      I get excited when crossing off things too, I should try it in red! :) I like the tiny notebook idea - then it is always handy.

  5. Looks like a great plan! I do better when I shop for fabric with a project in mind, writing it down so I know when it comes in the mail. So many times before by the time I get the fabric, I forgot what I bought it for! I have a few of these same patterns! I just bought the McCall's maxi skirt one. I decided I won't hold my height against me for trying it out. LOL I am definitely going to do it in a stripe too. Can't wait to see yours!

    1. Thanks Shirley! I try to shop the same way, and then forget when it comes ;-) I'm hoping this will help me keep track a bit better.
      Can't wait to see your maxi, too!

  6. Your plans look very fun - a nice mix of vintage and modern. I especially like the blue/white gingham shirt (to be).

    I spreadsheet-ify everything. Although- I've learned to not be toooo detailed about my sewing plans, because that adds stress (because it takes time in itself and may not reflect what I want to do when the time comes) rather than simplifying things.

    1. Thanks Joy! I am excited for that blouse too! I hope I can stick to the list because I am needing to beef up my wardrobe.
      I agree with the stress of being too detailed - plus I tend to be a bit spur of the moment with my sewing, lol.


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