Sunday, June 1, 2014

May Recap 2014

May makes include some things unblogged. Top L to R: Jalie 3242 undies for K; Ottobre 03/2014 #30 Flycatcher Tunic; more Jalie 3242 undies for K (she now will not wear store underwear, lol); Ottobre 06/2011 #37 shorts in Agent P, and Bart Simpson; Ottobre 06/2012 #22 cami as nightgown in Puppies,
and also in Kitties.  Jalie 3023 swim tank for K, and Ottobre 03/2011 #19 Tee as requested for K's BFF, so they can match, but her's in purple.

I am SO ready for June to be here. The kids need to be done with school already!

May Totals:
(stash is anything purchased before this year)
Stash used: 1 yards
Fabric Out: 18 yards
Fabric In: 28

Totals for the year to date:
Stash sew this year: 28 yards
Fabric out in 2014: 115 yards
Fabric in 2014: 105.5 yards

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Great sewing.
    Know you will be happy for school to be out.. My daughter [high school teacher] and her girls got out Friday.. [shocked you didn't hear them shouting, ha]. They too, were so ready for summer vacation.
    Have fun.. and Happy sewing.

    1. Thanks Judy! I'm happy for your daughter and grandkids :) oh to be out already! You might hear us shouting this Thursday, too! lol

  2. Nice round up!

    My kids are so ready for school to be out :) we have 3 more days.

    1. Thanks Nakisha! I love round-ups. I usually feel like my month's aren't as productive until I see the collage. lol. We go until Thursday :( too many snow days this year

  3. I love that K will no longer wear store bought undies. You've spoiled her for them which is a good thing!;) Any big plans for you and your family during summer vacation?

    1. I have spoiled her :) and myself! lol.
      We don't have any major plans this year (disney and tulsa, ok were enough last year!) We just plan on camping and swimming. Things in Milwaukee - baseball game, zoo. Things in Minneapolis - science museum, mall of america (me sneaking to fabric stores! ha!) Hopefully relaxing - last summer was so crazy plus I had surgery in July that put me out for a bit.

      What do you guys have planned? Anything fun?

  4. There's nothing like spoiling your kids with handmade underwear! K is living the high life!!!

    1. : ) I'm just glad her rear is covered completely and she likes them! Perfect way to use up scraps.


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