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Burda 10/2009 #145 Girls Skirt

I barely survived camping.  We finally returned home just before the massive storms hit Monday night.  It takes me a few days to decompress.  I'm super introverted and being around that many people just drains me.  But we had fun with family, friends, each other.  We hiked on the bluff and just hung out without electronics.  (Pictures way below).

Last night I was needing a sewing fix, bad.  I hadn't sewn since what seems like forever. I traced out my New Look tank and a skirt for Miss K.  Then today I prewashed and cut the fabric.  This afternoon the kids were busy so I sat down to sew K's skirt quick. I took her measurements today (I do this every 4 months or so because they grow so fast!) and K had a fun time taking my measurements - that girl can get silly. I guess K decided to jump straight from 134 to 146, ugh! Based on her exact measurements I traced and cut the 146.  I even measured the pattern pieces to make sure they would fit over her larger rear.

The directions on these are great.  You get walked through each step nicely.  This is a simpler design, only 3 pieces, so a beginner would have no problem.  K and I both like the kangaroo pocket.  The one thing I didn't like was when I was instructed to baste the raw edge of the waistband before attaching it to the skirt.  I have found that my waistbands do not stretch to fit the skirt if I baste them.  Also, the hem is a big 1.5" and in the front you have 2 layers of pocket and 2 layers of skirt you are flipping up so it gets quite heavy and thick.

I sewed this up in about an hour - it was quick.  The moment of truth?  K went to try it on and it is super big on her, and long.  Just for giggles I tried it on - IT FIT ME! My 42" hip.... hahahaha.  It was very snug but nothing more than a knit pencil skirt would be. Off to the "too big" pile it goes.  She will fit into it eventually and it is such a cute, and quick skirt.

Fabric: the pink is stash sweatshirt fabric from Mill End, 1/2 yard for $1.98.  I previously used this fabric for K's sweatpants here.  The blue and white medallion band is from my soon to be made tank.

In other news... K taught herself to ride her bike a few months ago (her stubbornness and what not) so my mom bought her a bigger bike.  She was so proud of it here

and 2 minutes later took a HUGE digger and fell right onto the handlebars.  She's ok but the battle wounds are nasty!
This guy on her side is turning all shades of purple, green, and yellow now
  her little knee got it too - she's in good spirits and not holding a grudge though

Here are some pictures from our camping trip:

The way up the bluff that we climbed.

The middle of the bluff

Near the top where K and I opted out of going further. I was having a massive anxiety/asthma attack because I'm TERRIFIED of heights, and K was tired.

We had to wait a bit for the boys to return - notice my Burda racer back tank?

Which they did, eventually

My whole body is covered in mosquito bites and it's driving me batty!  Here is one thigh
 and the other - just to show you a small portion of them. It looks like I have measles! ha!

But now I'm off to sew up my tank top.  The rest of this week is pretty open for us and the hubs will be off canoeing all day Sunday (another thing I am terrified of is water with fish in it.  Fish creep me out!) so I will be getting lots of sewing time in.  I hope you are having a great week!

June Totals:
(stash is anything purchased before this year)
Stash used: 3 yards
Fabric Out: 3..75 yards
Fabric In: 24.25

Totals for the year to date:
Stash sew this year: 31 yards
Fabric out in 2014: 118.75 yards
Fabric in 2014: 129.75 yards

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. So sorry about K having the bike accident..Bless her heart.. Hope she feels better soon, and hope those itchy bites get well soon.. eeeh that is miserable...
    Your camping trip sounds fun. but always fun to get back home.
    THe little skirt is so cute.. K will be happy ,when she grows into it.Happy sewing.

    1. Thanks Judy! Her bruise is healing fast now so I think she's over it :) The itchy bites are less itchy now, finally! It was so nice to be home.

  2. I remember when my daughter was learning to ride a bike -- she was so determined to be like her older brothers, but her shins were one huge bruise. It looks like a fun weekend, despite the mosquito bites! The skirt is cute, and it will fit soon enough:)

    1. Ouch :( That is how it was here too, K just wanted to be able to ride with her brother.
      Thanks Angela! I guess I'm just ahead of planning for school clothes in the fall ;-)

  3. Cute skirt!! Mosquito bites - not so cute! Looks like a fun time camping but I'd be excited to get back to sewing too. I've become quite the homebody as I grow older :-)

  4. That is a cute skirt! I want one! My girls would be jumping for joy with that pretty colorful bike! We need to replace our girls' bikes soon because they have outgrown them. It took one of our girls a very long time to ride a bike because she was so afraid without the training wheels. Last summer she learned. It is interesting here in Germany the little bikes for toddlers don't have pedals at all and they don't have training wheels. It seems their kiddos learn to ride bikes so much faster this way. I have seen 5 year olds zipping past me on my bike. Great pics of the outdoors. Our kids want to go camping...not my favorite thing. I use to live in Florida and go camping a lot, but I was always scared of the alligators and snakes.

    1. Thanks Shirley! You could make one for yourself, I'm sure you would fit in it just fine! Replacing bikes stinks because they are so expensive! But I'm happy to replace something that is used outside and for exercise! Strange to have a bike with no pedals - but it must be working! (oh, and I could never camp around alligators! Yikes! Then again, we camp around bears, coyotes, wolves, badgers, mountain lions, etc! hahahaha I guess it is just where you live that you become accustomed to the animals)

  5. It's a shame about the skirt not fitting (yet) because it's really cute! The waistband fabric looks exciting for a tank. I was intrigued to find you become tired after lots of time in a big group as I am the same - I think it's all that talking :) Nice though it is to go away, it's always nice to be home, too. Hope bruises and bites heal soon!

    1. Thanks Philippa, I was a bit sad it didn't fit. At least it wasn't too small, though!
      You know, I read something somewhere that talked about introverts gaining energy from being by themselves and expending it in large groups. The opposite for extroverts, they get energy from groups and lose it when alone.

  6. Too bad the skirt doesn't fit yet, because it is CUTE. The stitching looks impeccable!

    Those bug bites look awful! Have you tried the bug bracelets they make for kids? I wear one on my ankle and one on my wrist and they keep the bugs away pretty well without me having to wear lots of DEET. :)

    1. Thanks Aleksandra! I have never heard of those bracelets, I'll definitely look into them now! My husband, of course, never gets bit, but I get eaten alive!

  7. The skirt is cute - and such neat stitching on those pockets.

    Boy, they do grow fast, so it's smart to measure. Sara just sprouted to a new Otto size in the last few months. Retracing....

    I love being out in nature, but we haven't taken the kids camping ever. We've done long road trips, but there's something about the logistics of taking 7 people camping...

    1. Thanks Joy! I'm loving my coverstitch machine for all that stitching!
      Retracing sure does stink sometimes...
      I can't believe you haven't been camping with them! You live in MN and all, hahaha. I can understand the 7 people camping dilemma though. That would be a bit much to plan/pack/do!


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