Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You Win Some, You Lose Some, and Sometimes You Do Both!

Celebrate the Boy!

I made Mr. T another shirt today.  I was dying to use the fast food knit fabric I received last week.  This fabric is super soft; I love it!  The fabric is 60" wide and the pattern pieces fit just great.  I would not have been able to make it long sleeve but T didn't want long sleeve anyway.

I used my Ottobre 06/2011 #38 Zen T-Shirt pattern in a size 152.  I didn't use any instructions I just sewed it together as I did for the Dino PJ shirt.  I used an old Menards shirt for the neck ribbing.

During my project today I managed to break/bend my beloved Twin Stretch Needle after I finished the ribbing and shoulders (as in picture above).  I was so mad/sad.  I tried to use my regular Universal Twin Needle on the shirt hem but it ended up ripping through the knit and actually made a hole.  Thus I had to cut off two full inches off the bottom of this shirt to get rid of the hole.  I also had to hem it with my Jersey needle on a zigzag stitch.  I wasn't pleased that I couldn't finish the arm hem and waist hem with the double needle.  It was my own fault though.  I didn't check my needle position before sewing the double stitch and bam, my left needle hit the presser foot.

(Bottom Hem with Zigzag)

I'm still happy with the outcome, even if it is a little short.

I have a very special project I'm starting tomorrow for T.  It is a surprise for him!
Here's a peek at the fabrics I'm using for the project.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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