Friday, February 15, 2013

Ottobre 6/2011 ~ #24 Wide Wale ~ Flabbergasted!

So I've been working on these cute little shorts for Miss K for 3 days or so now.  (My back/neck has been acting up so I took it slowly).  I LOVED the way these shorts were coming together; I was very happy with how amazing they look.  Last night we got to the part where she tries them on and....... wayyyy to tight :(
BUMMER!  What the heck??

Miss K wears a size 8 in RTW (She is 7 yrs old).  In Ottobre that is about a 134.  She measured a 140 in the waist/hip area so that is what I traced and cut, a 140 which is roughly a size 10.  Mr. T is 10 yrs old and wears a size 10 RTW and fits in the 140 Ottobre.

(Marking pen marks still in fabric, haven't washed yet)

I'm so disappointed because I LOVE these shorts.  They turned out so stinking cute.  I did a fantastic job on the zipper and was so proud.  I didn't finish the hem or belt loops yet because that is where we stopped to try them on.  I suppose now I must trace a 146 (or size 12) in these shorts and see if that fits her.  Sigh.  CRAZY!  I do have leftover fabric in both prints though; also, the corduroy was on sale at Hancock for only $2 a yard.  This pattern took 1 yard so I only fudged up $2 in fabric and some scraps of the owls.

(Marking pen marks still in fabric, haven't washed yet)

Has this ever happened to you?  When you were so excited for a garment and then it didn't fit?  I feel so disappointed. I thought I would share my "wadder" with you today.  I hope your sewing adventures are going better than mine today!

 ~ Kristin ~


  1. This happened to me last week. I made my 2 year old daughter the Rainy Sky leggings from Ottobre 4/2012. They turned out way big on her and even our 3.5 year old. And strangely, super low in the crotch. Maybe if she wore cloth diapers they would fit better.

    1. Aww. That stinks :(
      The super low crotch would bug me! Maybe they were intended for a diaper? But at 2 it could go both ways. :)


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