Saturday, February 9, 2013

Perfect Fit: Double Layer Elastic Skirt

This easy to make skirt is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe.  It is fast to make and fits exactly with your measurements.  Add some charm to your attire!

Drafting the pattern:
1. Make dot #1 on the paper on the very left side near the top (but make sure you leave at least 2 inches of space above)
2. Make dot #2 directly above dot 1 but an inch above
3. Make dot #3 directly below dot #1 but in the length you want +1 inch for seam allowances (skirt #1 is for the shorter skirt  on the top layer)
4. Dot #4 is your hip measurements + 2 inches (1 inch for seam allowance and 1 inch for ease); Make dot #4 across from dot #2 with this measurement.
5. Draw a curved line from dot #1 to dot #4
6. Draw a long slanted line from dot #4 to the measurement from Step 3.
7. Taking your ruler along the top, mark measurements from Step 3 all along the bottom and then connect them.

This is for skirt #1 - the shorter top skirt. To make a double layer skirt you simply add another skirt with the same dimensions only longer. To add this length I added the extra amount to my drafting paper and taped it to the bottom of the first skirt since all of the top measurements are the same.  (See pic 4 below)

Cut two on the fold of your fabric, straight side of skirt is on the fold.  I used 1.5 yards for the top skirt and 2 yards for the bottom skirt.
The drafted skirt pattern 

Cut 2 on fold of first skirt

 added length for second longer skirt

To Sew: 
For the skirts you will sew the side seams of both with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  To attach them you sew as below.

 Place long skirt on top of short skirt.  Long skirt is right side facing you, wrong side touching right side of short skirt.  Short skirt is facing you as well, right side touching wrong side of long skirt. 

Sew 1/2 inch seam allowance around skirt waist, joining long skirt to short skirt. 

Pull long skirt straight up (iron with seams going up to long skirt as well) Then push long skirt down into short skirt and iron again. 

To make casing: top stitch close to top edge of skirt waist where long skirt is inside short skirt which you just completed above.  Then sew another stitch 1 inch below top stitch all around waist but leaving 2 inch opening for elastic to feed through.  The long skirt and short skirt make the casing for your elastic. 

Feed elastic through, then stitch opening closed.  

Hem both skirts.  I folded 1/4 inch up and 1/4 inch again for my hem

That's it!  You are done!  How cute is this skirt?

Minimal "pooch" from material in front

Like the fabric?
Feather N Stitch Love Birds Plum Feather N Stitch Love Birds Plum (I simply adore this fabric!)

Woodland Tails Dots Blue Woodland Tails Dots Blue

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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