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Trapezoid Purse Free Tutorial

Here are the free instructions for my Trapezoid Purse.  If you would like very detailed pictures (34!) and the pattern pieces already made to help you with the purse, feel free to purchase the paid PDF Trapezoid Purse pattern for only $5.00!  The paid PDF is a much better version; Thanks and happy sewing!

Trapezoid Handbag
By SunnySewing

Supplies Needed:
Ø  Fabric 1 for middle of each side outer and strap: ¼ to ½ yard
Ø  Fabric 2 for lining, snap strap, pockets, and outer sides: ½ yard
Ø  1 Magnetic snap
Ø  Interfacing, medium weight: ½ yard
Ø  One 7 inch zipper
Ø  Ruler
Ø  Paper
Ø  Scissors
Ø  Sewing machine and thread

1.       On paper, make 2 vertical lines 11 inches long, parallel to each other and 6 inches apart (I used dashed lines for this part so I could keep things straight).

2.       Then you will make a mark on the bottom 1.5 inches from each side of the 6 inches as shown below.  And then draw a line from each end of the bottom to the top to make a trapezoid.  So the bottom should be 9 inches long and the top 6 inches long.

3.       Now you will draw another line 3 inches from each slanted line on the sides of the trapezoid

4.       Cut out the whole trapezoid (no middle sections just yet). 

5.       Now to cut out the fabric and interfacing!
Ø  Using the whole trapezoid cut out 2 lining pieces
Ø  The very middle trapezoid piece we cut 2 of fabric 1 and 2 interfacing
Ø  The left side 3 inch slanted piece we cut 4 of fabric 2 and 4 interfacing
Ø  Cut a rectangle 5 inches x 6 inches out of 2 interfacing pieces and 4 of fabric 2 (for pockets)
Ø  Cut a rectangle 2 inches x 6 inches out of interfacing (for zipper in pocket)
Ø  Cut a rectangle 2.5 inches x 4 inches out of 2 of fabric 2 (for button strap)
Ø  Cut a rectangle 2 inches x 3.5 inches out of interfacing (for button strap)
Ø  Cut Two  1 inch by 1 inch squares of interfacing (for button strap magnetic snap)
Ø  Cut a rectangle 3 inches x 18.5 inches out of fabric 1 (for handle)
Ø  Cut a rectangle 2 inches x 18.5 inches out of interfacing (for handle)

6.       Attach interfacing to their counterparts.  Lining does not have interfacing.  2 inch x 6 inch rectangle out of interfacing (for zipper in pocket) can be left alone for now as well as 1 inch by 1 inch square of interfacing (for button strap magnetic snap) and button strap pieces.

7.       Let’s start with the handle.  Place right sides together and pin.  Stitch just the long sides. Then trim seam allowance short to about 1/8th an inch.

Flip handle right side out, press, and then top stitch on both long sides.

Set handle aside for now.

8.       Assembling outside of bag.  Take one middle piece and 2 side pieces.  Make sure the slants are matching up right so both top and bottom are straight across.  Flip each side one at a time over like below and stitch right sides together to middle panel.  Trim seam allowance to 1/8” and press seams to outer sides.

Do this for the other outside panel as well. Take one of the panels and attach 1”x1” square of interfacing in the middle.  I went 1.5 inches down from top and then the middle.  Attach magnetic snap to here.

9.       Assemble the button strap:  Apply Interfacing as shown below and also 1”x1” square of interfacing on one piece.  Put in magnetic snap as shown below 1.5 inches from the one end.

Place right sides together and sew on the 3 sides (not on the bottom where interfacing touches edge.

Trim seam allowances to 1/8” again. Then flip to right side and press.  How cute! Put aside for now.

10.   Assemble the pocket in the lining: Take the two 5”x6” rectangles that do not have interfacing.  Place them right side together and sew ~ leaving a 2 inch gap on one side for flipping.  Flip and press. 

Pin pocket to middle of one lining piece and top stitch all the way around 3 sides making sure to catch the 2 inch gap in the top stitch to close it.  Set this piece aside.

11.   Assemble the zippered pocket: For this part I need to point you to a GREAT sewing helper with tons of awesome pictures. I cannot explain how to put in the zipper pocket any better than this incredible lady.  Lisa Lam of U-handbag provides the best step-by-step tutorial on putting in a zipper in a handbag.  Head here to follow these steps for this next part. (Using the other side of the lining that doesn’t have pocket from above). 

Put lining pieces right sides together, pin, and sew. 

12.   Take both outer panels and place right side together, sew, trim seams to 1/8” and flip right side out.

13.   The home stretch!
Put the outer part of purse inside the lining with RIGHT sides touching. 

Pin button strap to RIGHT side of outer purse on side opposite of snap and snap facing out on strap (this will sandwich in lining and purse)

The same is done for the handles.  Carefully pin to middle of each side of outer shell of purse.  Carefully have handle flip inside the purse and around to the other side making sure it does not twist. This is also sandwiched between the lining and outer shell of purse.

Stitch around the top leaving a 3-4 inch gap on opposite side of button snap strap. (middle of outer shell on side with snap on shell).

14.   Pull right sides of purse out through the hole (it looks like a jumbled mess for a bit).

Keep pulling until lining is out and on top and outer shell is out and on bottom.

Next, stuff lining into purse and do your best to press around top edge making sure 3-4 inch gap is pressed down too.

Topstitch carefully and slowly around outer shell of purse making sure to catch the hole in the lining.

15.   That’s it!  You’ve done it!  Now enjoy your cute Trapezoid purse!  And Thanks!

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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