Saturday, August 18, 2012

Buttercup bag and a day at the fair!

Today I sold the last buttercup bag I had in my etsy shop! YAY!  I was thrilled but then I realized I really, really need to be making stuff for the shop.  It's so hard when either I or my daughter wants to keep everything that I make!

I finished this beautiful navy floral buttercup bag just now and remembered that I really love sewing them up!

My baby also had a dance recital today so we went out for that.  The carnival was a blast!
Me and my baby girl right before the recital, Miss K was so nervous. 

My baby doing her dance number 

 This is Mr. T on the purple and Miss K on the pink!  Love the faces :-)  (Mr. Sunny is at the top of the pink one - he took Miss K up)

The green arrow on the top right shows Mr. Sunny's head, Mr. T is with him.  They were both sorta sick after this ride. LOL

I hope you all had a great Saturday
~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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