Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Time out for a vacation!

Just returned from a great mini-vacation with the family.  It was nice to take some time away and enjoy each other with no technology in the way.  Sometimes life gets too routine as well.
My husband took our son, Mr. T to his first Brewers game!  He loved it. Meanwhile I took our daughter, Miss K to her first build-a-bear workshop.  She picked up a rainbow rabbit she calls "martha".

That was Sunday.  On Monday we all headed to the Milwaukee County Zoo and even in the terrible heat, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Alas, we have returned home, completely across the other side of the state.  It was a nice break.  School is starting soon and I'm looking forward to it..... when the kids are gone all day I am more productive with my sewing.  I like to spend time with them when they are home and not be in the sewing room!
I hope you all are enjoying your summer.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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