Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Summer Dresses ~ Brazi and Agnes

I love maxi dresses.  If I could wear only them, I would.  But sometimes it’s hard to walk in them or do things I need to; they are not always practical.  So I this summer I made two dresses that were not maxis. 

Stitch Upon A Time ~ Brazi

I’ve sewn this pattern quite a few times if you count the mini version as well as the adult version.
Purple maxi, blue mini maxi, purple animal mini maxi, stripe mini maxi, pink floral baby dress, red floral baby dress, teal maxi, red butterfly mini maxi, and light blue mini maxi.  

purple brazi 1

This would be the 10th time I’ve made this pattern.  I love this pattern.

purple brazi 3

Anyway, I sewed this June 8th and wore it quite a bit this summer.  This time I made straight straps (instead of cross over), which makes it much easier to wear a bra with the dress.

purple brazi 2

Size: straight size Medium and Band 3.  This fits with my measurements (on top).  The skirt has enough room that I did not have to size up for my pear shape.

purple brazi 4

Fabric: 1 yard black cotton lycra; purchased from for $6.90. 2 yards ITY Knit Venus Azalea; purchased from in April 2016 dress, $10.76. Total cost of dress: $17.66.

Halla ~ Agnes
halla agnes 1

I love the silhouette of the Agnes.  It is nice and tapered at the bust/waist with flare and room at the hip.  I have made 2 tank top versions of this pattern and love them so I thought a dress would be nice.  Plus, this pattern is free if you join the Halla Facebook group. Who doesn’t love a free pattern?

halla agnes 3

Size: 10/12 everywhere except grading to a 14 at the hip. 

halla agnes 2

Fabric: 2 yards blue tribend jersey knit purchased in May from Knitpop for $10. this fabric is so soft and light to wear but it does have a tendency to cling to itself. I added the heart vinyl graphic to the front with my Silhouette Cameo.

halla agnes 4

Thoughts:  I enjoy wearing this dress because it is soft and easy to wear.  However, the armholes are a bit loose and my square shoulders pull at the somewhat boat neckline. Also, when the wind catches just right the dress poofs out and makes it look like you are wearing a tent.  I’ll be wearing this around home but not something I would wear elsewhere.


  1. I love both of these. I wish I was as creative as you are with the vinyl...something to aspire to I guess. LOL I have yet to make the Brazi with straight straps, but my next one (next summer) will be. That would make it much easier to get into. I always feel like that yarn thing...cats in the craddle...trying to climb into it without getting my heard through the armhole instead!

    1. Thank you Shirley! Believe it or not it takes some time for me to figure out what I want to put on things with the vinyl. Usually I think it over for a day or two and get a general idea, then I scour the web until something clicks :)
      You will like the straight straps. They are more comfortable. I know what you mean about the cats cradle!


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