Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ginger Jeans and Agnes Tanks

Many times during Me Made May you saw me wear my newest jeans (6 times!).  I waited a long time to try this pattern because jeans take forever to make.  However, I’m so glad I finally made them because they are fantastic!

Closet Case Patterns ~ Ginger Jeans

ginger back

Size and Adjustments: My measurements at the time of sewing were 31 waist, 45 hip.  Based on my measurements I made a size 12 waist and on the front pant I did a size 14 hip, the back pant I did an 18 hip.  I have a bubble butt so I found this trick works best with fit.

ginger front a

I was making these as flares but when I put them on they were super, super flare. I like a bit less flare to my jeans.  I ended up taking in 1/2” off each inseam, front and back leg; as well as 2” each off the outer seams!  this brought the flare in by 5” each leg.  They are perfect now for me. 

ginger side a

Instructions:  The instructions are fantastic! These are hands down the best pants/jeans instructions I’ve ever encountered.  I’d buy this pattern just for those.  Nice easy steps, very detailed, and lots of pictures.  There is also a sew-a-long on the Closet Case website; however the pattern instructions are written so well, I didn't’ need to reference the sew-a-long.

ginger back a

Fabric: Here is where I fail.  I try my hardest to keep note of when I purchase fabric, how much, and where.  I have a database in Evernote that I keep up.  However, I prewashed all my denim a few times and now have lost track of which “dark denim” is which!  I *think* this fabric is “Midnight Blue Stretch Denim” that I purchased in Feb 2016 from fashionfabrics club for $6.25/yd.  96% Cotton 4% Lycra.  I don’t remember how much fabric these jeans used but I purchased 3 yards so we will say they cost $18.75.



Thoughts: Love love love.  Seriously, I really love these.  The fabric is perfect the fit is spot on.  they are so comfortable.  I have 2 pair of Jalie Jeans (2908) and I love those too; these Ginger’s fit right there with them. 

The many times I wore them in May
ginger 1-tile

Halla Patterns ~ Agnes Tank

agnes gray front

agnes tie front

Size and Adjustments: My measurements at time of sewing: 37.5 bust, 31 waist, 45 hip.  Based on this I decided to sew a size 8/10 bust, 10/12 waist, and 14/16 hip for the tie dyed tank.  I felt the flare was a bit much in the hip so the second time I sewed this in gray with a 8/10 bust, 10/12 waist and hip.  It still has a lot of hip flare.

agnes gray back a

agnes tie back

Instructions:  I have to be honest I didn’t read them.  It’s 2 pieces of fabric plus the bindings.  I didn’t need instructions. 

agnes tie side

Fabric: The Tie dye fabric is an ITY Knit Water Color Print Blue/White/Multi, I purchased it from in April 2016 for $5.38, 1 yard. I love how ITY feels in the summer. It’s cooling and has great drape.

I know he is hard to see, but I put this amazing Octopus on the front of my gray Agnes with my Silhouette Cameo.  I love it! (But maybe I should have put a white backing on him).
agnes gray 2

The gray fabric is a triblend jersey from knitpop that I picked up in May? June? 2017, not long ago.  They had it on sale $5/yard. 1 yard.

agnes front again

Thoughts:  I love the neckline of this top.  I can bend forward with no fear. I like the shape of it.  They are so easy to throw on and comfortable to wear.  I love both.   However, I feel like there is too much flare at the hip for my liking.  I plan to make this again and I will taper in about 2” each side on the hip.  It’s a great basic for summer! 

By the way, this pattern is FREE if you join the Halla Facebook group

agnes gray 1

agnes tie 1


  1. The jeans look great. Thanks to you I now grade between sizes before I do any other alterations and it saves so much bother than making a straight size and going from there! I actually love the hip flare on the top - it's a cool swingy style for summer, but I know what you mean about it feeling wrong on you. I think sometimes you get used to how certain styles look and it can be difficult to adjust your eyes to a new one.

    1. Thanks Philippa! I'm glad I could help you out! I agree, It is hard to get used to a new style. I'm very much a classic person.

  2. It never occurred to me to make the back a different size than the front to accommodate backside curves. That's pretty brilliant! Both the jeans and the tops look great. The tank looks like it has a good amount of flare, but I hope that making those adjustments makes it more comfortable for you.

    1. Thanks Becky! I read on some blog post one time about making the different size for the back. It worked great so I kept using it. Thanks again!

  3. I bet you'd like your agnes better if you did a straight size 6/8. :-D You could also try cutting on the maxi line vs the shirt/knee dress line.


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