Monday, November 13, 2017

Patterns for Pirates ~and~ Deer & Doe

Back in September Patterns for Pirates had a contest type thing where you were a pattern tester.  The winners would become permanent pattern testers for them.  I decided to join in the fun.  The pattern was for a pajama pant.  It is one pattern piece, and unisex with low rise for women and higher rise for men. 

The first one I made I did a straight size XL and I didn’t like the fit.  It was way to baggy. 
So the second time I used a satin fabric and made a Large in the waist to XL in the hip.  These pants are fantastic.  They are so fun to wear.  I’m only sad I didn’t have enough fabric to match the sides.

red pjs final 1

Fabric: a satiny charmeuse? I don’t know.  I grabbed it on the fly at Walmart one day. It was $1 a yard and only 2 yards were left.  These pants took 2 yards so a total of $2

red pj 2

Adjustments: I scooped 1/2” out of the rear curve (a low butt adjustment). 

red pj 3

red pjs final 2

red pjs final 3

red pjs final 4

red pjs final 5

I enjoyed my satin pants so much I made a pair of shorts too.  Same sizing L to XL and I also dropped the rear curve 1/2” for a low butt adjustment.  This is a fast and quick pattern, nothing fancy.  You can get the shorts out of one yard by folding the fabric cut edges together.  The shorts are ok, though the inseam is a bit short for me.  I prefer the pants.

blue pj final 1

blue pj final 2

I honestly don’t know where or when I picked up this fabric. I only had one yard and this worked well. It’s a satiny charmeuse.

blue pj final 3



Here is the first pair I made in a thicker, stiffer fabric.  It is too poofy and the waist is too large. I used this as my muslin and they were tossed in the bin after these photos.  The sizing on these was straight XL. 

Fabric: baby blue plaid chambray from fashionfabricsclub; purchased back in Oct 2013 for $5.25/yard.  This was one yard.


Deer and Doe ~ Plantain updated version

The shirt I’m wearing in the top photos is new too.  Deer and Doe updated the free Plantain pattern a bit ago and I loved the old one so I wanted to try the new one.

plantain 4

Size: In front I did 42 shoulder, bust, waist and 44 hip.  In the back I did 42 shoulder, bust, waist to a 46 at back hip.  I also did a 1/2” forward shoulder adjustment.


Fabric: Gray rayon spandex, 2 yards, purchased from StylishFabrics in April 2017 for $3.68/yard.  total for top: $7.36

Thoughts:  It’s ok.  It’s a plain gray shirt.  I needed one in the wardrobe.  I’m not sure I like the rayon spandex, it’s a bit thin and too drapey but if I wear a cami under it is ok.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Those pants fit you really nicely!!!

    I was just thinking I needed a long sleeved tee! I forgot that I liked the Plantain! My first one was snug but I didn't know my fit adjustments then. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Thank you! They are heavenly. I have to wash them on delicate so I try to wait for a bigger load, therefore I don't get to wear them as much as I like.
      You would like the Plantain! It's a good pattern.

  2. I love the fabric you used for your pants! They look really nice on you too.

  3. The fabric for your pants looks like it would be heavenly to wear! Would you believe I still have not tried the Deer & Doe pattern. This version is going to make me try it now--it looks like the perfect t-shirt! That's great that you can make pj shorts with just a yard! I love that fabric too.

    1. Shirley, I cannot believe you haven't tried that pattern yet. It's free too! I love things I can make a yard out of. Way back before I knew better I bought only yards here and there.
      Thank you!


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