Friday, August 5, 2016

SUAT Brazi ~ Take 2

 If I had to pick one pattern for the perfect summer dress for me, it would be the Stitch Upon a Time (SUAT) Brazi.  I made this once already in April and also the mini version twice for Miss K.

brazi 1

I figured these would be the perfect dresses for my MIL’s wedding in June, so I made one for myself and one for Miss K.  They worked perfectly for the event.

brazi 2

For myself, I used a straight size Medium and Band 3.  This fits with my measurements (on top).  The skirt has enough room that I did not have to size up for my pear shape.  I also took 1" off the length of the front straps - this will be different for everyone's body.  I didn’t put in bra cups this time, instead I wore my Victoria Secret bra with the straps converted to cross in the back.  here is the only picture I have of the back.

brazi 6

Mr. T and I have a hard time taking a good picture….
brazi 5

Fabric: 2/3 yard Lilac Cotton Lycra Knit, purchased in April for this dress from NR Fabrics $9.60 for the yard (with shipping) and  3 yards of ITY Jersey Knit Venus Azalea also purchased in April for this dress, $16.14.  Total for maxi: $22.54

For Miss K I used a size 12 – this is exactly in line with her measurements. I took 1/2” off the height of the bodice to try to reduce some of the wrinkles around her midsection.  As you can see it needs to be brought up a tiny bit more.

brazi 4

Fabric: 1/2 yard of Turquoise Cotton Lycra Knit, I forgot to log it in my database so I think I got it from Purple Seamstress for this dress which would make it $3.25.  The skirt is 2 yards of ITY Jersey Knit Chevron Diamond Royal, purchased in April from for this dress $11.96 for the 2 yards.  Total for this dress: $15.21

brazi 3

Miss K loves the ITY skirt.  She didn’t want to take this dress off.

Since she loved it so much I made her 2 more for her vacation this year with my mom.  That brings her total up to 5 of these dresses! 


Fabric: 1/2 yard of Royal Purple Solid Cotton Spandex Knit Fabric, I purchased in August 2015 from Girl Charlee for $3.25.  The skirt is 2 yards of ITY Jersey Knit Halen Black Purple, 96% poly, 4% lycra.  It is a nice heavier ITY.  I purchased it in April from for this dress $10.76 for the 2 yards.  Total for this dress: $14.01


Fabric: 1/2 yard of Lilac Purple Solid Cotton Spandex Knit Fabric that I purchased from Girl charlee in August 2015 for $3.25.  The skirt is 1.5 yards of Mint Green/Grey Stripe Jersey Knit, 50% Rayon 47% Polyester 3% Lycra.  I purchased this in March from fashionfabrics club for $5.93 for the 1.5 yards.  Total for this dress: $9.18.
The Brazi can be found on the SUAT website, the girl’s version is called the Aurora.  There is even a coupon code right now for any patterns on the site.
Coupon Code: shirtzie4life for 25% off (through 8/9)


  1. What a beautiful family you have Kristin! K is growing up so fast!!!

    You both look so cute in your dresses. That bodice fits you to a "T"! Perfect!

    1. Thank you Nakisha! She is growing soooo fast :( I'm sure you understand how fast it goes with your beautiful daughter now an adult!

  2. Love your dresses! (Especially yours and Miss K's purple one - I must have a thing for purple!) That crossed back is really neat, and I'm impressed that you have zero bra strap showing!

    1. Thank you Gail! I love the back of these dresses. Miss K won't let me cross hers, she prefers the straps straight. I was quite surprised when my bra straps stayed hidden!

  3. Beautiful family photos! Looking at the long dresses makes me want to make another one, particularly in purple. I love the pic of you and T...the camera caught a real life moment instead of a pose. :)

    1. Thanks Shirley! It was such a funny moment. We were running late for the wedding (2 hours away) and I was like "OK T and K, now K and Dad, now T and dad, now me and dad. Quick, smile! don't give me that goofy look! Put your arm around her! Somehow we got good photos even if Troy doesn't "smile' in them. Mr. T and I have too much fun together. He is so much like me in personality, Love that kid to pieces.
      Summer is almost over, you need to make a maxi version of this! I'm sure your girls would love it too. K fits in the XS Brazi I just have to shorten the skirt

  4. Wow, beautiful job on the dresses. They both fit wonderfully. Isn't it nice to make something that is appreciated? What a compliment that she didn't want to take the dress off!

    1. Thanks GG!! It does feel nice to make something that K finally loves and wants to wear :D


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