Monday, July 1, 2013

"Grass Green Linen Shorts" #33 ~ Ottobre 03/2012

One of my favorite challenges, Shorts on the Line, is almost over and I wanted to whip up one more pair of shorts for it.

I really dislike pleated front shorts so I took to modifying these "Grass Green Linen Shorts" from Ottobre 03/2012 #33.  I traced and cut a size 152 for Miss K who is a 10 in RTW.  I should have made them a bit shorter because K is shorter than the 152 length but she asked for longer shorts.

(side view showing those lovely pockets!)

I modified these to have a flat front and elastic back - I eliminated the zip fly completely as well as the belt loops.  I added contrasting pink to the pocket pieces and made bias of the pink for the elastic casing in the lower pockets.  I loved the elastic pockets on the bottom - it is what drew me to the pattern.

(It is weird expression day) 

I followed the instructions Ottobre listed up to and through the leg pockets.  I skipped over the zipper part, stitched the crotch and inseams and then did my own thing with the waistband. I love the double needle stitching in these shorts!
(She just discovered the pockets)

From tracing, to cutting, to sewing, to finish was 4 hours of my time today.  It was a nice stress reliever.

(back view)

The fabric I used from leftovers after I made my Colette Beignet the other day.
0.5 yard of Microfiber Twill Solid Royal Blue 60" wide (100% polyester) - $2.97 for the 1/2 yard
not my first pick but I do love the color.  I was happy to use this up.  It is very soft but frays easy and snags easy too.

(flat front)

and now for a swim!

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. The pockets are great! These are on my list (my super looonnnng list).

    1. Thanks! I think I have the same type of list as you.... long!! I never seem to catch up lol. but that's ok; I'd rather have too much on my list than nothing at all inspiring!


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