Sunday, July 21, 2013

2 Nightgowns ~ Kwik Sew K3105

It is so hard to find a nightgown pattern for girls!  I've been looking for a great one for awhile.  I came across Kwik Sew K3105 and decided to give it a go.  After reading the positive reviews about it on; I plunged in and cut both fabrics without a "test" run.  Ugh. Will I ever learn?

I chose to sew View B mainly because I only had 2 yards of fabric for each nightgown.  The pattern calls for 2 1/8 yards for View B in the size L (10) that I traced and cut.  K is growing out of her 8's so I went with a 10 so the nightgowns would last hopefully through the winter.  View B has lace around the neck, armholes, and bottom - I did not use any because K would complain of scratchiness.

I followed instructions for View B up through #5.  I used my serger to do the gathers on the bottom ruffles and attached each one separately without sewing up the sides. On the pink squirrel and tree fabric I folded the neckline and armhole edges over and then over again in a tiny 1/4" to hem.  Then I sewed up the sides and hemmed the ruffle.  I'm telling you this ruffle seemed to go on for-ever-and-ever-and-ever.  I also had to use green for the ruffle because I couldn't fit the band within the 2 yards of fabric I had.
This is where I tried it on K and learned that the armholes were HUGE and the neck LOW.  Plus the neck barely fits over K's head.  In the future I'll opt to do the yoke for View A which has a closure in back.

To salvage the bug nightgown I opted to add yellow flannel bias to the armholes which helped a lot. K didn't want any on the neck but I think I'll add it anyway.  The top has a tendency to pull forward and drag the neck scandalously low.  I also didn't want to hem the bottom ruffle again so I made a small band (3" which after 1/2 inch seam and folded in half was 1") for the bottom.  I sewed it around and then top stitched the seams up onto the ruffle.  I'm not sure this was a good idea because it seems to weigh down the ruffles and make the bottom stiffer.  I'm hoping it loosens more in the wash (fabric was already pre-washed but I'm hoping it softens even more).  

 "Comfy Flannel Bug Stripe Pink" 100% cotton, 2 yards $6.72 (08/22/2012) +  "Flannel Quilter's Suede Buttercup" 1/2 yard $2.54 (04/15/2012). TOTAL: $9.26

"Mother Nature Flannel Forest Friends Girl Pink" 100% cotton, 2 yards $10.17 (05/22/2012) + "Comfy Double Napped Flannel Lime" 1/2 yard $2.54 (06/05/2012) TOTAL: $12.71

Overall: I do like the look of the nightgown.  The pattern is easy to make and follow.  I suggest getting the full 2 1/8  yards that the pattern calls for in order to fit everything on.  I'm sure I'll make it someday in the future but for now, 2 is enough. Now I just need to add the yellow bias to the bug one and add green bias to the armholes and neck of the squirrel one.

Wondering what that green thing is in my pictures?  It is supposed to be a shoe holder, lol.  I think it works wonderful for holding notions - ribbons, bias tape, zippers, etc.  I used the command strip hooks to hang it on the closet door.
 "Betty" is in the bottom left picture (above).  She needs some fitting work that I haven't gotten to yet.  I also re-purposed an old spice rack, bottom right picture (above).  Love that I can keep some of my vintage buttons in it.  I placed K on this job but she grew tired of sorting buttons.  I'll have to finish it up later.  The colors are so cheerful!

And this is my messy station. I should really clean it up.  To the right is the dresser and many baskets/boxes filled with fabric. To the left is my ironing board.  Nala puppy lays right in front of my machine on the animal print there..... :-)

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. The armholes look MUCH better on the second version! I wonder why they made the so huge? The nightgowns do look cute!

    1. Thanks Brooke :)
      It really blew my mind too. Usually I have the opposite problem in that they are too small for her. If I make them again I'll be sure to redraw those armholes. K loves to wear them but she keeps pulling at the bodice because of them.

  2. These are such pretty classic (and customized) nightgowns! Scratchy lace wouldn't go over in my house either. The must have been aiming for extreme sleeping mobility with those armholes.

    I almost never make a test garment, either. Most of the times I have, there were problems in the real garment that didn't show up in the muslin anyway, hehe. (Not that it's not a good idea still...)

    1. :D You crack me up. "extreme sleeping mobility" I needed a good laugh, thanks.

      I agree, most of the problems lie dormant until you cut into the nice fabric. I'm determined to get a good fit in leggings, t-shirt, and undies for K before school starts. Actually its a combination of determined and desperation! lol.


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