Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Maxi Skirt with Ruffle ~ tutorial

When summer is in full swing I love wearing long breezy skirts.  Enter Maxi with Ruffle.
This idea came to me last night.  It isn't a complicate design and it goes together quickly.

  1. First I took my waist x 1.5 (I like my skirts lower on my waist so I used my "pants" waist measurement of 36; therefore ending up with 54 total *I chose not to add seam allowance because my fabric was a nice 54" wide.  
  2. Then I measured from my "pants waist to the floor, or where I wanted the whole skirt to end up. For me this happened to be 36" also!  
  3. Next, the bottom ruffle is 12 inches + 1/2 inch for the top hem to lay on top of the other panel; so 12.5 inches.  Take the bottom ruffle of 12 inches and subtract it from your total length (for me of 36" = 24 and add 2 inches *1.5 for top elastic hem and 0.5 for bottom hem to lay under bottom panel; for me = 26")
  4. Ok now I have all my measurements ready.  For the top panel I need two rectangles 27" wide x 26" long, after cutting them I serged all 4 edges of both.  
  5. For the bottom panel I need two rectangles 37" wide x 12.5" long, after cutting them I placed right sides together and sewed, then serged each end.  Then I sewed rolled hems on the top and bottom of the now round bottom ruffle. 
  6. Place right sides together for top panels and sew each side.  Place gathering stitches in bottom panel on the topmost part.  Attach to skirt by laying top 1/2" of bottom panel with rolled hem over the top of the bottom serged "top panel".  Make sure when sewing that the 1/2" stays overlapped and you are sewing through the middle.  Remove gathering stitches.
  7. Add elastic to the top.  

I used 1.5 yards of 54" wide Rayon Challis.  $6.35 total.  "Garden Rayon Challis Tropical Floral Coral/Blue"

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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