Sunday, June 21, 2015

Burda Tanks 10/2014 #103 and 05/2007 #109A

We have had a few hot days lately and that brings tanks to my mind. 

First up is Burda 10/2014 #103; This is a long-sleeved top and dress in the magazine.  I made the top before in long-sleeve and loved it but it was too tight.


I was confused at how to sew the top initially.  Burda’s famous directions didn’t help me much at all.  I loved the top enough to buy the sew-a-long video for it.  After 40-some minutes of watching I really only needed 1-2 minutes of the video; however, it was worth it because I loved watching someone else sew and learned some new techniques.  In the video the gal mentioned turning the top into a tank – AWESOME!  So I had to try. 



  • The pattern states to add 5/8” seam to the back neck but then later tells you to trim it to 3/8”. So I just made it 3/8” to start with.
  • I sewed a 38 in the shoulder and high bust, 40 in the bust, and 42 in the waist/hip.  I also added 1/2” to the back hip only (to accommodate for my large rear)
  • I them measured the flat pattern and was happy with the results. 


Gosh I love a cowl neck top.  I’ll admit that my cotton/lycra was a bit stiff for the cowl but I still love it.

2 cross

Fabric: 1 yard of Jade cotton lycra from $6.50


I tacked down (hand sewed) where the back crosses over the front by my neck. I found that without the tack the front didn’t like to lay right – it kept slipping to the armpit.  I also took 2” off the hem – it was super long (I’m 5’7”). I think it turned out great in fit and I can’t wait to try it in an ITY.

Next time I’ll add a 1/2” swayback

Up next is Burda 05/2007 #109A

I’ve made this tank twice before; once in blue/green stripes and the other in purple/gray stripes.


  • This time I used size 40 in shoulders/42 in bust and hip.
  • I added 1/2” to back hip only for my large rear.
  • I adjusted for a 1/4” square shoulder, 1/2” swayback, and added 1” to front neckline.
  • I used my binder attachment on my cover stitch to attach the binding.

1 bug

Fabric: 1 yard Cherry Red Jersey Knit (cotton/lycra). I purchased it August of 2014 from fashionfabricsclub for $5.50.  It is thinner than the purpleseamstress knits.  In hindsight I should have used this for the cowl top and the other for this top, lol. 


I love this top, however I think I made it a bit tight and too short.  I will be remaking again in a bigger size and much longer!


I’ve been doing a lot of prepping patterns this last week.  I have 2 skirts traced, prewashed, and cut. I also have another tank ready to sew and a pair of underwear.  Now I just need time to sew them!  What is on your cutting table?


  1. These look fantastic on you! I love the fit and the colors. I didn't know Burda has sewing videos. I find watching sewing videos

    1. Thanks Shirley! I didn't know they had the videos until just recently, too :) It was pretty soothing to watch it.

  2. They really do look great and I especially love the not-too-narrow racerback!

  3. They look great! This is the kind of thing I need to sew, but never do! Still a bit afraid of knits, I think :)

    1. Thank you Siri! Don't be afraid! Really, they are super easy. I prefer sewing knits to woven.

  4. Both tops look great! I love tank tops for hot weather. You've been quite productive here lately.:)

    I have some Jalie camisoles cut out for running tops and a pair of Ottobre shorts for Miss M. No time to sew though!

    1. Thanks Cindy! I love them too. I have been sewing a lot lately, but I'm sure it will slow down now. I hope you get some sewing time in soon!


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