Friday, May 22, 2015

Moving forward from MMM and reflections

I have to admit, I've done terrible at MMM this year. I thought I would do great since I have more makes, but as I went through my closet I realized not much fit me.  I lost a ton of weight with my last digestive spell in the Fall, but now I've gained about 30 pounds since December.

I'm not worried - my weight goes up and down like a see-saw because of my health issues.  However, it makes it a bit hard to sew for myself when my figure constantly changes!

I did go through my closet and found that these lovely makes no longer fit. I put them in the "small size" box.  I must have taken about 75% of my closet out with RTW.  Then I dug out my "larger size" box and added a few things to my closet, about 25% all RTW.   This was a great experience for me to learn what I needed in my wardrobe.

Here are the Me Makes I had to put away

From top L to R

In addition to the fitting issues with MMM, it has also been much colder here than normal.  This makes me want to stay in the house and not do much.  So I lounge in a tee and yoga pants or jeans.  Not very exciting! Lol.  So I throw my hands up and not stress out about it.  MMM is over for me this year, next year will be better. :D

With that in mind, I lined up a few patterns I need to sew up to fill gaps in my wardrobe.  Here is what I hope to sew soon, in no particular order:

McCall's 4261 - Skirt from really funky ruffle, leopard fabric

McCall's 6964 - I really want to try the tank pattern on this as well as the boatneck on the bottom

McCall's 6796 - The short sleeve view with that awesome neck, or even the tank version

Jalie 2804 - the tank view

New Look 6100 - to replace the ones that were too tight

New Look 6470 - the crossover tank on top right.

Simplicity 1801 - the view she is wearing. I made this in the long view before and love it. Fits great.

Simplicity 3880 - the green shorts on the bottom middle

Simplicity 7196 - I'm working on these right now. The shortest view.

My sewing agenda will be filled with tanks, shorts, skirts, and a dress.  I need clothes for warm weather!  Wish me luck!

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. It's probably too much energy to correct -- or it's just me-- your photos are all 'broken'!


    Anyhow, whew, health issues are hard. For so many reasons. Hope things stay on the positive side :)

    1. Thanks Nakisha! I think I have it fixed now..... with the pictures, lol.

  2. Looks like a great, plan! I have a couple of those patterns myself, but haven't sewn them up, so can't wait to see what you do with them. I love those shorts patterns. That is something I am lacking in. I broke down and went to H&M and bought 3 pair (lol).

    1. Thanks Shirley! I am so not surprised we share the same patterns. LOL we seem to have the same tastes. Don't feel bad, I broke down and ordered 2 pair from JCP just yesterday. hahaha. I figure, with the pressure off me I will take my time to sew pairs I like instead of being rushed. ;-)

  3. I haven't been doing so well at MMM either this year. I have been wearing me-mades, but I have failed at photos and blogging. I'm going to go through my closet this week and see where my wardrobe gaps are and what I need to focus on sewing. You have some great patterns picked out!

    1. That really is the hardest part Elizabeth! Those daily photos can be such a pain! Good luck with the closet - it helps to know what you "need" to sew instead of what you "want" to sew. lol. Thanks!


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