Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jalie 3024 and Jalie 3022 ~ Yoga Outfit

This year I hope to take part in more contest on Pattern Review.  I feel it helps motivate me to sew things that I might just leave on the back burner.  Right now PR is running an activewear contest. Perfect excuse for me to get a new yoga outfit whipped up.

Originally I had tried to re-make my loved Jalie 3022 pants in cotton velour, but..... they were so tight I couldn't barely get them on. It really bothers me to have to throw out a make, too.  I even sized up one size but I guess I should have gone up more because the velour didn't have as much stretch as my first pair.

So I moved forward with a cotton lycra pair of pants and tank for my outfit.  (sorry, indoor pics because WI weather is cold!)

Jalie 3024 is a cute pattern for dresses.  You can sew a tank dress plain, or with a crossover, as well as a kimono sleeved boat neck dress.  I thought this pattern would be great for summer dresses for both K and myself.

I used Jade cotton lycra for the top with a Forest Green band. I purchased it from purpleseamstress. 1 yard, $6.50.

I read the instructions and new I would sew up the tank differently.  There is nothing wrong with the Jalie instructions but I have to bind in the flat with my attachment and I like sewing things in the flat whenever I can. :)

  • First I sewed one shoulder and then attached my neck and one armpit binding with my binder attachment.  
  • Second I sewed the other shoulder and then attached the second armpit binding. 
  • Third I attached each band to the top, in the flat.
  • Fourth I attached each "skirt" (bottom) panel to the bands, in the flat. 
  • Fifth I sewed up each side. 
  • And finally, I hemmed.  

The tank was a very fast sew.

Adjustments: 1/4" square shoulder. That's it!  Size: neck/shoulders a T, bust/waist a U, and sloping out to an X for the hip. I made the skirt panel 11" and it was perfect length.

Fit: It fits well!  I like it a lot.  The neck/shoulders are just a smidge big but not bad at all. I can't wait to make some dresses from this pattern!

This is the third time I have made Jalie 3022.  I love the first pair but the fabric is piling.  The second pair I talked about above with the failed cotton velour.

I used Forest Green cotton lycra with Jade for the band. I also purchased this from purpleseamstress. 2 yards, $13.

I followed the directions for the most part.  I like to do my topstitching right after I sew the seam instead of all of it at step 7.  Topstitching is boring so I would not enjoy it if I had to do it all at once!  And there is a lot of topstitching on these pants.

My measurements put me in a Size X (11) hip and T (7) waist but Jalie is always snug so I bumped up to a Size Z (13) waist V (9).   The back pants panel is split into two and creates a super nice curve that hugs the rear end.  Despite the topstitching these go together relatively fast.  There is also elastic in the waistband which I prefer more than just a cotton/lycra band.
(back view)

My tank ended up a smidge too big, and these pants ended up a smidge too tight! lol.  It's ok though.  My weight goes up and down like a yo-yo with my health so I'm sure they will be less tight in a week as I'm on the upper end of that yo-yo right now.  I'm very happy with them and they are so comfortable. Total for the outfit: $19.50

I also have some swim suits sewn up for K and a few other things, but I'll share those a different day :)

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. This looks fabulous! It would be expensive in the stores to buy this outfit. I love how you matched the 2 pieces. Pattern 3024 is on my wish list to buy, but I had to get the swimsuit top pattern first ha ha. Even though it is still cold with snow, I feel like I'm going to run out of time getting swimsuits made if I don't start soon. I love the yoga pant pattern. I live in them and need to make more. Mine are piling too though. The whole outfit just looks perfect!

    1. Thanks Shirley! It is another great Jalie pattern to have ;-) The swim pattern is awesome too though. I just love all their patterns. I hope they release new ones soon. Ugh, sorry yours are piling. That just stinks.

  2. Looking good!! I love those pants!

  3. I think the top is perfect - cool color and lovely color blocking.

    1. Thanks! I wasn't sure what to pair with the dark green but the colors landed on each other and then I knew :)

  4. Nice active wear outfit! The pants look super comfortable to wear.

  5. Both of these look great! I especially like the band on the tank. I don't think I'd noticed the tank version of that pattern.

    1. Thanks Joy :D The pattern doesn't have a tank, I just chopped the dress off at what I though was the right level lol. It works great!

    2. Oh, that's funny. That's what I was planning on doing with their maxi dress tank pattern #3246.

    3. hahaha. I'm pretty sure that's where I got the idea from. I remember you saying that on flickr I think :D

  6. Great fit and cute looking yoga outfit. I like the idea of handmade for yoga x x

    1. Thanks Philippa :) I'm hoping it will motivate me more


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