Monday, May 5, 2014

New Tee and skirt ~ Jalie 2805

I started this tee in April but finished it up on May 1st.  I've lost count as to how many times I've sewn this pattern.  (It has paid for itself for sure!).

This time I sewed a size T for shoulders, U for bust, T for waist, and W for hip - going closer to my measurements than the last few times.
My adjustments:
1/4" hollow chest
1" swayback
1/4" forward shoulder
1/4" square shoulder

I also lowered the neckline by 3/4"

It's a great fit.  I've worn it all day today and in the morning I wasn't sure all my adjustments were worth it but by the end of the day I found myself loving the tee.  It is very comfortable, I can bend forward with nothing showing, and I can bend over with my rear still being covered.  :D

The fabric is a dream.  I picked up 1.5 yards on 2/2/14 for a lady skater dress.  I'm not too sold on the pattern on my body so it's on hold.  The fabric is a brushed rib knit and lusciously soft.  When it arrived I went back onto and ordered 4 more yards. LOL. You must stock up when fabric exceeds your expectations (especially in a knit).  My DD kept rubbing my shirt today - so I know it is uber soft.

Definitely a keeper.

Soooo this animal started digging at my favorite photo spot and I'll just avoid it for now because we think it may be a badger.
I tried to go near the barn but it was too light.

I tried to go on the flip side and it was too dark and too windy.  I'll just have to keep looking for the perfect spot.

I am very grateful that the weather has been nice enough for 3 days now so that I could do this:

Here is another project I sewed up in April, though there isn't much to tell.
I love maxi skirts and wanted a nice striped one.  I sewed this up by cutting  with 20" at the waist and moving out to 30" at the bottom. It is lined to the knees as well.  I'm not happy with the elastic waistband because I goofed it up. And I don't like how it gets caught in my feet.  I'm probably going to hack it up to be a tank top - I'm not sure yet- the bonus of sewing is that I have the option to change what I don't like! (2 yards skirt stash, 1 yard lining stash)
(tee is old navy)
May Totals:
Stash used: 0 yards
Fabric Out: 1 yards
Fabric In: 0

Totals for the year to date:
Stash sew this year: 27 yards
Fabric out in 2014: 96 yards!
Fabric in 2014: 77.5 yards

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. That fabric definitely looks comfy. Very nice tee.

  2. I love that you make so many basic tees! They are great wardrobe staples (and something that I am entirely missing, buh). And looking at the magnification of the jersey, it really looks super cosy and warm :) The maxi also looks amazing on you! I also plan to make a maxi skirt (my first one ever), so thanks for reminding me to get started :)

    1. lol, I do sew lots of tees don't I? :) I wear mostly tees and jeans - I'm not much of a dress person at all. Thanks and I look forward to your maxi!

  3. That T fits to a T. Love it. I can't cope with tripping over maxi skirts either, if I want long I go for midi. Unless the waistband offends you greatly you could try hemming it a few inches shorter - I think that would look really cool!!

    1. Thanks Philippa! I should try the midi length on this skirt before I hack it to pieces :) Great idea! I might also fix the waistband if I'm going shorter too .

  4. I need to make me some more Jalie t-shirts--love yours! I do that too, when one I don't like or wear something I have made, it goes back into the fabric stash to see what else I can do with it. Sometimes it ends up being something for my girls if the fabric is limited. My me-made May clothes are when I leave the house since most times I'm home all day and no one sees me anyway LOL.

    1. Thanks Shirley! Sometimes it feels like my fixers pile up more than my successes!
      My me-made's are when I leave the house too - mainly to pick up and drop off kids! lol. The puppy really doesn't care what I wear around the house

  5. Brushed ribknit...sounds divine! The t-shirt looks great. You can never have too many good fitting tops.;) I'm not a big fan of wearing maxi skirts for the same reason. But I think the striped skirt is cute!

  6. After finally sewing something for myself, I now dream of having all my clothes custom-made :) I can see why you'd want to make tees for yourself as you can make them just the way you want!

    1. It is refreshing to finally have clothes that fit! :-) Thanks Angie!


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