Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year in Review: 2014

As the new year starts to roll in, I look back at what I've accomplished this past year.

96 items sewn up this year!
Miss K acquired the most with 51, Me at 22, poor Mr. T at 13, and crafts/gifts were only 10.

Stash from 2013 and before sewn up this year: 50.5
Fabric Yards purchased in 2014: 200.75
Yards sewn/sold/gave-away in 2014: 218.25

Favorite makes for each of us:
December - Elephant Renfrew. It wears so nice and comfortable and I love how it looks. K tells me I need to stop wearing it so much... oops.

 December - Jalie Pants. Same as the renfrew, it is so comfy to wear these, but they pilled in one wash so I will have to remake. Fabric has already been purchased ;-)

Miss K: It is hard to pick only 2 for this girl. I really love some of her makes this year.
May/June - Jalie Swim top and shorts. This suit is the best fitting K has ever had and it has really held up to swimming all summer long.  We both love it. She is needing a bigger size now and I still have to make one for myself.

July - Red Sundress, McCall's M6948. I love the long maxi look of this dress and K is smitten with it as well.

Mr. T:
July - Vintage PJs, McCall's 3041. The look of these is awesome. Sewing them was fun. T likes them. I smile whenever he wears them.

August - unblogged Jalie 3242 Boxer Briefs.  They are just too cute!

Least favorite makes for each of us:
March - Kwik Sew 3342 Pajama set. The shorts never made it past the first day because they were really weird and the top was just uncomfortable. The elastic made me itch and it was short.

December - Darcy Boxer shorts. These were too big and poofy.  Not my style.

Miss K:
March - Oliver +S Hopscotch Skirt. K did not like this make at all.  It looks awkward on her and is poofy in all the wrong places. It is cute on the hanger though.
December - Ottobre Frozen top 1/2 knit, 1/2 cotton woven. K hated this top with the mixed fabrics and middle rolled hem.  I was able to change it up to all knit in the end but she claims this was her least favorite of all year.

Mr. T: none! He liked all of his makes this year :)

Resolution for 2015:
  • Start using my pattern stash. 
    • I will sew at least 1 new pattern each month.
  • Start using up my magazine stash.
    • I will sew at least 1 new Burda or Ottobre each month
  • Use more fabric stash - don't buy as much new.
    • I will use at least 1 fabric from stash each month.
  • Sew more for me.
    • I will sew at least 1 make for me each month.

There you have it,
1 new pattern, 
1 new Burda/Otto, 
1 fabric stash, and 
1 me make each month in 2015 
That is what I resolve to do. 

So, how did your year turn out?  What were your favorite makes? Did you sew as much as you planned on this year?  Do you plan any new resolutions for the new year?

I wanted to thank you for following me, viewing my makes, commenting on my posts.  It means so much to me and I love being part of this wonderful sewing community.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Oh my gosh, I love the fabric for the boxers! Where did you get that. That boxer pattern is the only ones my son will wear now...not even store bought. I need to get the Jalie swim top and shorts now....ugh, you keep doing this to me! Stop it! LOL I need a good swimsuit pattern though. It is so hard to buy one because I just don't like what is out there for girls. A lot of the RTW bathing suits for girls is too mature looking. What an awesome make. Happy New Year!

    1. I got it a long time ago from the fabric fairy :) it is more interlock to me and has a bit less stretch. I should really make T some more of these. It's awesome that your son loves these. It makes me so happy when I make something and then they can't get enough of them :P
      It is a good swim suit pattern too. K hated all RTW suits so I went that route. I'm in the process of making her a new one now ;-) Thanks Shirley!!

  2. FANTASTIC!! I love those Jalie yoga pants <3
    Ks dissatisfaction is really showing with that skirt! hahaha!

    I am going to do the Burda-a-month thing too! I really want to start using them instead of looking at them ;-)

    1. Thank you Nakisha! I hope to make another pair here soon. I look forward to seeing your Burda's too!

  3. Great recap, Kristin! I can't wait to see what you make in 2015. Your resolutions look sensible to me. I really should do something similar with my Ottobres. It's been a while since I sewed anything from them. I've been treating them like eye candy and not actual sewing patterns here lately. Good Luck!

    1. Thanks Cindy! I sure hope I can keep up with them. I think my husband thinks I just look at mine too LOL

  4. Fantastic recap of lovely garments! Thank you for sharing. I also enjoyed your blog.

  5. (I'm catching up on blog reading here!!) You had a great year! The elephant renfrew is the best!


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