Sunday, December 28, 2014

Xmas Dress - The Mini Penny Pinafore, Ottobre tee and crafts

Mini Penny Pinafore
I wanted to make Miss K a Christmas dress out of these two fabrics but couldn't decide on a pattern. I went back and forth many times and decided to buy the Mini Penny Pinafore pattern by Kitschy Coo.
The pattern was almost $12 and K is at the top of the size range so I had trouble justifying the cost. I almost bought the women's pattern to use the smallest size for her but thought that it would be too long and awkward fitting on her rectangle body.  I crossed my fingers and hoped the kids would fit right.  Well it doesn't. It is too tight and very long.  I can easily modify it to fit right in the future though.

It is snug in the bodice and stomach area, long in the length.  K complained of the sleeves being tight too.  But she did wear it for 3 days straight.  I used size 9/10 everywhere but size 9 length.

I like the design of the dress. I just wish there was more flare for K because this way really shows her rectangle shape!  I will have to go and modify this if I use it again.  More room all over and more flare in the skirt.

The fabrics are both from Purpleseamstress and cotton lycra.  Pink Plaid was 1.5 yards at $10/yard. Kelly Green was 1/2 yard at $3.25.  So total of fabric, $18.25 and pattern, $12 = $30.25 ouch. The plaid faded quite a bit after the second wash too. Bummer because it is nice and thick fabric.

Ottobre 04/2013 #30 Leggings
I also made the leggings K is wearing.  They are an Ottobre pattern we love in a size larger than usual.  152 width, 146 height.  The fabric was not what I expected when I got it but it worked out ok.  1.5 yards at $9.50/yard = $14.25.  The fabric is super soft but pilled horrible after the second wash.

here is a close up of the stripes in the legging material

they match the plaid so nicely :)

Ottobre 04/2013 #33
I had 1/2 yard of the Kelly Green fabric left over so I made an Ottobre raglan tee for K in a 146.  It is a bit big on the neckline but she can grow into it.  The deer fabric was purchased in March 2014 from a Facebook group for $8 for the yard.  It is a nice thick cotton knit, most likely an interlock from the looks of it.  Total for shirt: $11.25

Simplicity 4786
In other random Christmas sewing, I made K a bunch of doll clothes for her 18" dolls. These are special because they are made from some of K's old clothes she loved (except the snow leopard, that is to match her dress I made her here, and the black/pink top matches her tee here).  
Most of these went together just fine.  The snow leopard, jumper, I didn't care for the instructions.  The bodice is lined but they don't have you understitch so it wants to pop out. Also, they have you sew the shoulders after attaching the linings which doesn't look as nice as when you sew the shoulders and then attach the lining.  K doesn't mind though.  The boots were so cute I had to make them.  The instructions as you to sew the bottoms with the seam on the outside? What? no thanks.  I sewed them just fine with the seam to the inside. Otherwise it's a great pattern with lots of options for doll clothes.

I rushed a stuffed Totoro plushie.  It didn't turn out half as good as I would have liked because I had no time to do it correctly, but he is cute nonetheless. Materials cost about $1.50! I used the tutorial and pattern from Cheek and Stitch.

K loves the movie My Neighbor Totoro so it was a big surprise for her.
Here is a pic from the movie

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays with friends and family!  I'm working on a new Burda top and dress for myself in between festivities plus a wrap up post for the year as well as some resolutions for the new year.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Too bad about the Mini Penny--the fabrics are awesome. I know what you mean about splurging on the pattern. :( I made it for my girls and one liked it and one didn't. I haven't made it again. I love the pattern for myself though. You can't go wrong with a raglan t. I'm about to trace the women's Ottobre for me one soon. The doll clothes are super cute! Barbie and doll clothes are so darned expensive! The totoro is so cute! I haven't made any stuffed toys, but I want to eventually. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Shirley, at least it is an easy fix in the future :) That's so funny you are tracing an Ottobre one, I was thinking about doing the same, lol.

  2. Awwww! What a nice mommy!!! Too bad about the first dress though.

    Love the doll clothes and am still amazed that people can sew those tiny things!

    1. Thanks Nakisha, sometimes those tiny clothes give me the hardest time! They are cute when done though :)

  3. It looks like you've been busy sewing! Too bad about the Mini Penny fit issues. I really like the fabric you used for it though! I have the women's pattern for the Penny that I got for Christmas last year. I have yet to make it because I don't know what fabric to use. The doll clothes are adorable! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I know what you mean with the pattern. Sometimes I HAVE to have a pattern and then it sits because I don't know what to sew it up with! lol. Merry Xmas to you too and happy new year!

  4. You are superwoman to crank out all of these sewing projects in time for Christmas!

    The mini penny is so adorable on K. I love the fabric combo. The fit issues are a major bummer, though. I remember well how difficult it was to find clothes in those days between kids sizes and adult sizes -- and I suppose things haven't changed!

    The Totoro is also adorbs. One of my absolute favorite movies! Maybe a Catbus next Christmas? :D

    1. Ha! That Catbus would be an interesting sew :)
      Thanks Aleksandra! K is sure getting to the age where she is right in between and you are right, it is hard to find things for her to fit.


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