Thursday, July 17, 2014

McCall's Maxi Dress ~ M6948

What a winner of a pattern.  It is a simple pattern but I like the options it includes  The pattern states you can use a woven or a knit, plus it goes from a size 7 all the way up to a size 14. It is listed as an "easy" pattern, and it is.

I sewed a size 10 for K who is now in a 10/12 in RTW.  And if you plan on using this pattern, piece 11 and 12 are the exact same piece for view B so I just used piece 12 for front and back skirt since I traced it first.

I did have to shorten the skirt a good 3-4 inches.
Because I used jersey I didn't staystitch the neckline or arm edges.  I also didn't use prepackaged bias tape - instead I opted to use the red cotton/lycra jersey like the skirt.

Skirt, pocket and binding from: 2 yards Red Laguna Jersey Knit by Kaufmann bought Feb 2014 for $13.96
Bodice from: 1/2 yard Novelty Printed Sunflower Rayon Jersey Knit Floral White 75% rayon/ 25% polyester.  I bought it back in April 2013 $3.49.
Both are from and the total comes to : $17.45

For some reason my pocket wasn't cooperating with me but I plopped it on anyway, misshapen and all. When you attach the bodice to the skirt you sew with a 1" seam allowance.  This becomes the casing, but I couldn't fit my 3/4" elastic through after I topstitched so I used 1/2" FOE, but didn't fold it over, keeping it flat.  K much prefers this because the elastic is not tight on her and provides ample stretch.

I very much recommend this pattern and I can already see plans in my head to use up some wovens.  I think a knit bodice/woven skirt part would work great.

A funny side note - I tried this on myself because it looked like it would fit. . . and it did!! Except for small armholes, the rest fit great.  I think I will make myself a nice knit dress out of it :D  The shoulders and bodice were great and the skirt was just the right flow-ness.  It even hit me right at the knee.  I know if it was sewn in woven it wouldn't fit but cotton/lycra jersey? Oh yeah!

July Totals:
(stash is anything purchased before this year)
Stash used: 1.5 yards
Fabric Out: 5 yards
Fabric In: 5.5 yards

Totals for the year to date:
Stash sew this year: 32.5 yards
Fabric out in 2014: 124.5 yards
Fabric in 2014: 135.25 yards

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. This is adorable! You always have the cutest knit fabrics. This is perfect for summer, too. I always think maxis are great for active girls because they cover the legs, so she doesn't have to worry about flashing people on the swings, etc. (for some reason, I remember this being a major concern of mine as a kid -- maybe just me? lol)

    Can't wait to see the grown-up version!

    1. Thanks Aleksandra! I try to search out the cute ones - it is so hard when I do it mostly online! It has turned out great for her - she doesn't flash anyone when she's playing! Yay for that! I was very tom-boy and would never be caught dead in a dress. ;-) Be on the lookout soon for the adult one!

  2. Love it! I have this pattern for my girls and haven't sewn it up yet...too busy sewing for me! ha ha Great to hear that it fits you too!! Now I have another option for myself. With school just around the corner, I am going to have to start working on some clothes for them and this pattern will be great for that! Thanks for the review.

    1. Thanks Shirley! I'm sure you will add in a cute lace feature when you sew it up :D You always have the best details. You would definitely be able to fit in this and the length would be more than enough for you. Ugh school clothes... I know it is coming too fast!

  3. Lovely fabric and style. I can see a woven bottom half too. How funny that it can also fit an adult! I will love to see if if you do that :)

    1. I find it sort of odd in an amusing way that it fit me - but am excited to try it and who knows - maybe it will be my perfect go-to knit tank dress! lol. :D Thanks Philippa!

  4. It's so funny that the dress fit you as well, haha. But I'm sure K wouldn't mind being twins with mum (at least the dress style). I love your fabric combination :)

    1. LOL, she would get a real kick out of that! Thanks Daniela!

  5. The dress is super cute! I had to smile about you trying the dress on....I do that quite often and am pleasantly surprised out of how much fits. Just another reason why knits are awesome!lol

    1. Thanks Cindy! I'm glad to know someone else does that too! Knits are certainly easy to fit - that's why I love them so!


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