Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ottobre 03/2013 #33 ~ Chica Ciclista Leggings

With school fast approaching K needed some basics sewn for her.  She wears a lot of the skirts and dresses I make for her and thus needs leggings under them especially on gym days.

I originally traced and sewed this pattern in a size 152 here but it was way too big and the rise too high.  This time I measured the pattern pieces against K's own measurements for her hips and settled on size 140.  She wears an 8/10 in RTW and these leggings need negative ease.

I made the pink shorts version first and folded 1" out of the rise (1/2 inch fold = 1 inch out).  The shorts fit perfect size wise but were just a tad too low-rise in the waist.

Next I made the pink wild longer leggings - these end up at Capri length - I took the fold out of the rise and left it as the pattern is.  I actually used some old pajama pants of mine in a loose rib knit.  These fit great all around except the legs were a bit loose (I chalk this up to the ribbing material).

Finally, I sewed the Capri length out of the softest blue and white polka dot knit.  These were perfect size all around.  I love how they look under K's owl dress I sewed for her last October.  These are by far my favorite.

I'm so glad I found the size I wanted and can vary the lengths as needed.  When we were at the store yesterday I asked K if she wanted me to buy her some leggings and she replied "No, I like the ones you make better, they are more comfortable."  Win for mom!

(we live close to a military base and have fly-overs everyday - fun for us to see, not fun for the puppy who doesn't like the noise - they come quite low).

Pink Shorts on top - 1/2 yard of Stretch Jersey Knit Solid Bright Pink (96% Rayon 4% Poly) $1.50Wild Pink Capri length - 1/2 yard of stretchy ribbing from old pajamas $ freeSoft light blue and white polka dots - 1/2 yard Rayon Blend Jersey Knit Pin Dots Aqua/White $1.62 (bought from my first order from back in Jan 23, 2012!)

TOTAL for 3 leggings: $3.12 - Way better than buying them for $6 a piece at Wal-mart in boring colors!

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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