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Ottobre 03/2011 #18 Tropical Blend Sleeveless Dress

I was up very early this morning.  Mr. started a new job and thus our schedules have been thrown off a bit; couple that with the fact that I'm a very poor sleeper.  I decided to make this morning productive.  
On my massive list to sew is this sleeveless dress from Ottobre 03/2011 - #18. The dress reminds me of a dropped waist 20s dress.

**UPDATED 08/20/13 ** I cut a good 3-4 inches out of the dropped waist part and raised the ruffle skirt.  I like it much better now and K will get lots of wear out of it.

(new view)

(new view)

(old view on left, new view on right)





Sizes run 92cm-146cm; I chose View B with the gathered skirt in size 146 for K who wears a size 8/10 RTW.

I chose to fully line the bodice instead of using facings – in retrospect, my fabric is heavy enough that I could have just used bias to face the neck and arm holes.  The bodice is a bit heavy due to the lining and fabric.  This makes the dress hang heavy and not flowy.

I made my own piping for the top with the same fabric as the hem.  The hem is cut on the bias.  I followed the directions – they were clear and easy to follow.  There is lots of top-stitching on this pattern – where skirt meets bodice, where hem meets skirt, where neckline is as well as the arm holes.  I used my serger to make the gathers on the skirt but in the end there was not a lot of them.

I chose to use buttons instead of snaps on the top of the bodice; due to the weight of it and the rambunctiousness of Miss  K I didn't want any accidents happening. She is well old enough at 7 to manage the buttons. 

I didn't have enough fabric to make out the skirt panels so the one is 2 inches skinnier than it should have been.  This caused the cakes to not match as well on the bottom there L.

Armholes, sigh. You can see right through them. 

Fabric: K chose this at one of our Hancock trips. It has wedding phrases on it plus the bride and groom on the cake.  It is a bit out there but she wouldn't let me leave without it; that girl has her own ideas.  The piping and hem are from a turquoise gingham check that I just picked up last week to go with this dress. Gingham was ½ yard for $2.50. Wedding fabric I'm not sure the price, but I had a little over 1½ yards.  Pattern called for just over a yard.  Since my fabric had a pattern I should have gotten 2 yards.

I’m still on the fence if I like this dress or not.  K has a long enough torso without adding in the dropped waist.  This looks a bit funny on her.  Also, this pattern reminds me of the Puppy and Flowers sundress I made her earlier this summer with a normal waist - I love it to pieces. 

Overall this was an easy make and I was glad to use up that wedding fabric, but I will most likely not use this pattern again. I'm honestly tempted to remove the skirt, shorten the bodice a good 6 inches and then attach the skirt again.

here it is on the cute little model in the book, see the waist is not that long....

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. I'm surprised at the long waist given the magazine photo ?! I haven't had any surprises like that with Otto. I have to laugh at her fabric choice - my kids have done that, too. Might as well go with it! But the gingham piping really makes it summer dress material.

    1. I was quite shocked myself :)
      and yes, I've learned to just let her get it if her heart is set on it. otherwise I'd never hear the end of it.
      I'm trying to steal the dress back from her to see if I can alter it to something wearably decent.
      She has other ideas... lol

      Thanks Joy!


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