Friday, August 16, 2013

Ottobre 06/2008 Corduroy Pants #35

This was a long project.  I started tracing and cutting on Monday.  I finished them today, Friday, at noon.
Of course I didn't work on them non-stop, but I took breaks when I was tired or frustrated.

Day 1 was tracing and cutting - a size 134 for Miss K ~ These are a "plus" pattern.  Since I've had problems with the sizing for her on bottoms with Ottobre I figured I'd try out a plus pattern to see if it fit.  K is 7.5 years old and wears an 8/10 in RTW.

Day 2 was spent on the pockets.  These were a lot of work.  You have the pocket and then the flap.  Each is top stitched in two rows.  My double needle would not handle the thick corduroy and heavy jean thread so I had to sew each row.... 4 pockets.... 4 flaps.  *note* stitch buttons onto pockets before attaching them to the pants, not by hand at the end as the directions state. Also, sew darts before adding pockets - this would have been easier because the pockets get all bulky and up in the way.  And finally, the line on the pattern for the pockets is for the top of the FLAP! not the top of the pocket. . . sigh.

Day 3 darts, inseams, crotch, zipper, side seams. They actually started to look like pants here and I was getting excited because they were so cute!  I was very happy that past self thought of future self and I used my zipper fly tutorial.  Yay!

Day 4 waistband.  After getting further excited with only the waistband to do I quickly became disappointed when I realized the waistband didn't even fit the pants!  They were 2 inches too short. I had to re-cut the waistband and didn't have a long enough piece of fabric left so they were in two pieces.

I also added an adjustable waist, knowing these would probably be too big for K.  This would have went way more smoothly if the waistband wasn't so skinny.  It bunched up the elastic terribly.

way too large of a rise

Verdict: way too big for K.  Rise is too high.  She complained about the button being too hard to get on and off.  I will not sew them again due to all those and the amount of time that went into these pants.  Good thing I have Jalie 3243 on its way because K told me she will not wear pants with zippers anymore. LOL. stubborn child.

Fabric: 17 Wale Corduroy in Sand. Ordered from on 2/24/13 - 2 yards and I used all of it.  $6.85

.~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Too bad she's not thrilled about the fit, since they're awfully cute pants (and a lot of effort!) Maybe she'll wear them if everything else is dirty, hehe? I've been known to hold the kids' clean clothes for a while just to get them to wear something besides their two favorite garments.

    1. I don't really blame her; I don't like waists on my actual waist either - I much prefer way below the belly button. However, I might enforce your idea to get some wear out of them. They turned out so cute!


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