Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Living Room Pillows! ~ Link to Tutorial

Something about new pillows makes a room feel fresh.  Back in September of 2012 I made these awesomely easy zippered throw pillows and provided you with a tutorial.

The pillows were cute but a little on the small side.  P.S. I still have all four, they will just be moved to the "banana couch" for now.  ("banana couch" is an amazing 70's tan couch that I think they called kidney shaped? I don't know for sure but I've always loved it so when we bought my grandma's house 3 years ago I made sure the couch came with it!)

This time around I used 18x18 inch pillow forms - bought on sale at Hancock's.  I followed the same steps as the tutorial and these really are so super easy to make.

I love the outcome and the pillows are huge! I can't wait for everyone to get home and find them.

The fabric I purchased on Feb. 8th this year - yikes it took me this long to sew them up!
The green is a wonderful print from Valori Wells - Wrenly Bloom Citrus 1.5 yards (had leftovers)
The brown is a great print from Ty Pennington Home Decor Impressions - Lace Espresso 1.5 yards (had leftovers)

18x18inch pillow forms (4): $31.00
1.5 yards Wrenly Bloom Citrus: $11.45
1.5 yards Lace Espresso: $9.55
Total for all four pillows: $52 or $13 each

The best things about these are the fact that: I can remove the cover to wash them, and now that I have the forms I can also remove the covers and change them up to new fabrics with ease.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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