Thursday, May 23, 2013

Crafting ~ Doll Clothes ~ Simplicity 7083

Miss K goes in spurts on what she likes to play with.  Some days it is Barbies, other days it is Legos.  Once in a great while she pulls out her American Doll girls - like this week.

Awhile back I made some clothes for her dolls out of Miss K's old favorite shirts.  She got a kick out of it.  Just this week when she was playing with the dolls she asked me to make them some new clothes.

This is such a great way to make her happy inexpensively and uses up scraps in the process!

I used Simplicity's Pattern 7083 to make a nightgown and a top and shorts set.  View G and View I & B
The nightgown is the same fabric as Miss K's vintage pajama outfit; and the top and shorts set is from Miss K's puppy sundress.

 I used buttons on one and snaps on the other.

The pattern was written fine, no mistakes or confusion. They came together fast and I think they turned out cute. In the future I would use less than the 11 inches for the elastic in the neck.  I think I'd try 10, or maybe even 9.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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  1. I love the night gown. And I want to give this pattern a try. But I hope it will come out as beautiful as yours. Thanks anyway for sharing this pattern.


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