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Pattern Stash Contest ~ McCall's M6549

I've had this pattern sitting in my stash for some time now.  Miss K grabbed it last year; I think in the Spring. She likes view E (the dress), but that called for quite a bit of yardage.  This cute pattern has options for leggings, dresses, tanks, and a cover-up jacket.

I have been wanting to make the cute tank, View C.  I used a straight size 8 for this tank; Miss K wears a size 8 in RTW.  I did cut and quick sew a muslin of just the bodice to see if it would fit her.

I couldn't decide on the fabric choices at first but then fell on the two you see below.  I love the combination of them together!  The pattern calls for 1 1/8 yards of 45 wide for view C.  It doesn't show the contrast fabric measurements on the envelope but states to look inside for them.... ? This is bizarre to me because when you are at the fabric store you don't want to open the pattern out there to find your yardage. Anyway the contrast needed 1/2 yard plus a 14" zipper and a hook and eye closure.
front view
 back view

FABRIC:  I used Feather N Stitch Bird House Blue 100% cotton for the main parts (see end of post for link to fabric).  I had 1 yard and it's about 44" wide.  This is a one way fabric and I had just enough for my pattern pieces.  For the contrast I used a scrap piece of fabric from my A-Line skirt pockets; I had 28 x 19 left and it worked fine.  I squeezed each piece on and they just barely fit.  For pattern piece #9 I had to turn it vertical to make it fit the second of the 2 pieces; my print was not directional on this fabric so it worked fine.

SEWING:  This is a great pattern to sew.  It is easy to understand and there are no weird "what the heck" moments. I did make the straps 1/2 inch longer before I read the directions that they are adjustable before you sew them in and have included a longer length for just that.  After sewing the straps on the one side I used my pinking shears to trim the seams to 1/4 inch before turning them right side out.

Step 5 is silly in my opinion.  You can leave it out.  It doesn't make sense to baste the edges of the straps only to baste on top of the same spot when attaching them to the bodice.

Step 10 I didn't want to slip stitch the band (I prefer to use the machine and not hand sew). I folded the band in half and sewed it to the tank right sides together.  I then serged the edges, pressed the hem to the band side and it worked fine. See pic below.

I like that there is no hemming or finishing required for the neck and arm holes.  Since the top of the bodice is lined this is done for you.
I also pinked the seams to 1/4 inch when attaching the bodice and lining together.  Clipping the armholes seam allowance is necessary as it likes to pucker if there isn't enough give.
I also didn't slip stitch the tank lining band on the inside.  I pressed the bottom under 1/2 inch and then stitched in the ditch along the front of the tank to catch it in. See both pics below.
inside view of lining attached at bottom band
 outside view of stitch in the ditch

CONCLUSION:  I love this tank! My husband said it was his favorite thing I've made so far; I think it's a winner! I like the pattern and had no real issues.  I would love to sew it again.  I think I may try the halter top, view D next and maybe the heavy yardage view e sometime in the future.  It's a great pattern to add to the wardrobe.

Like the fabric?
They no longer have the bird house fabric but they do have more from the Feather N Stitch line
Feather N Stitch Eggs Blue/Linen Feather N Stitch Eggs Blue

They also no longer have my contrast fabric (Black, White & Currant) but they do have this similar fabric
Sugar Blossom Ditsy Floral Red Sugar Blossom Ditsy Floral Red

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


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