Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ottobre 04/2011 #34 Glow-worm tank

Before starting this tank I re-measured Miss K because I wanted the fit to be good.  She measures in the size chart at a 128 for the top; I traced and cut a 134 to be a little extra sure.  Last time I went against all measuring and traced and cut a 146 for her with the T-shirt and it was slightly big. (She is a size 8 in RTW).

Well, the tank turned out small.  It was a bit short in length as well as high in the armpits.  I'm not sure if this is because of the size being too small or if it's the pattern itself.  I'm going to have to make another go at it in a bigger size.

As for the pattern, it is just two pieces to trace and cut.  You add elastic tape to the neckline on the front.  This was easy to do with no issues.  I like the way the tape gathered the neckline.  I was not paying attention when I put on the binding.... the wrong way. Ugh.  I first sewed it to the wrong side and then it flipped to the right side.  I made it work great except for the one side shoulder.  I didn't bother serging the top because I was too lazy to change my thread from white... lol.  So I just zig-zaged all seams together.

This is an easy project and pretty quick.  My fabric was slippery so I used WonderTape to tape down each seam before sewing it; this helped a lot.

I like the tank and I like the look; I just need to make it bigger!  Also, When I used the twin stretch needle to hem the bottom, the thread snapped within an hour of her wearing it.  Next time I will just zigzag the hem.

FABRIC: Stretch Jersey ITY Knit Royal Blue, no longer at  I bought this back on 01/23/2012 $4.19 for a yard.  I'm sure it's 60" wide and I only used a tiny fraction of the fabric for this tank but that is because it is 60" wide.  I think you could get buy with only a half yard.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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