Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ottobre 03/2011 #19 Young Designers' T-shirt; A+

We have had a foot of snow fall on us in the last 12 hours; it has been beautiful to watch from the window and I'm so glad school was cancelled so we didn't have to go out.  Even Mr. Sunny Sewing stayed home today which is sweet because it's our 8 year anniversary of being together.

Yesterday I made a list of patterns I wanted to tackle in the next few weeks and this shirt was on the list.  It is from Ottobre 03/2011 and is #19.  What I love about it is that it is a plain and simple T-shirt.  We like classic and comfortable in our house.

I had 1 yard of 48" wide rib knit fabric.  It is nice and soft with 25% stretch and considered medium weight.  I traced and cut a 146 which is the highest this pattern goes.  Miss K is a size 8 RTW.  The pattern asked for 3/4 yard of 60 wide single jersey with 30% stretch. I had plenty of fabric for the shirt and some left over.

The tracing and cutting went fast as there are only 3 pieces.  I opted not to add a design to the front of the shirt because my pattern was busy enough.  Sewing was also fast and easy on the shirt.  I didn't look at the directions because the sewing was pretty straight forward; Shoulders, binding, sleeves, sides, hems.

My wonderful husband went into the fabric store alone last night on his way home to pick me up another twin stretch needle (since I broke mine last week). Perfect timing on the needle because I used it on this shirt for the hems and for the shoulder/sleeve top-stitching.

Great pattern, quick sew, classic look and the pattern can be easily manipulated in the future for long sleeves, pockets, tank top, etc.  The fit is a bit loose on Miss K but she loves that.  The shirt is also a bit long - I like that because she can be wild without her belly showing.  This pattern earns a spot in my top favorites.

Ah binding, why was I ever afraid of you? You get better each time. 

I love double needle top-stitching (this is the shoulder and sleeve view)

Miss K likes that there is wiggle room

 just enough stretch in it

I love this fabric.  Reminds me of spring and April.  Even with our never-ending snow!  I picked it up just recently from The Fabric Fairy for $7.19 for the yard.

Now I'm actually off to bed because a nasty cold has settled in my lungs. Yuk. No pneumonia please!

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. I love that shirt, and I have a granddaughter that wears a size 8 also. She doesn't worry so much about her belly showing, but I DO! LOL Could you explain in more detail how you use the double needle for knits? I work with knits a lot, and I have a cover stitch machine, but it does not go across thick areas very well; ie where seams meet. Thanks. Dee

    1. Sure thing Dee :) I use a Schmetz stretch twin needle for the hems. I also have a universal twin needle but I found it doesn't do as good on the knits. First I press up my hem, usually 1 inch. I press up and leave the raw edge on top. Then I sometimes put down some wonder tape where the sewing line will be. This gets a cleaner line and the knit doesn't stretch out and ripple when you sew. Next I set my stitch length to a 3 so my fabric doesn't get bunched up. Then I sew from the right side and the twin needle finishes the wrong side nicely. :) I think I'll take some pictures when I do my next one. Thanks Dee!

    2. I just wanted to let you know, Dee, that I did do a post on how I hem the knits and it has step-by-step pictures. :)




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