Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The skirt that almost wasn't ~ McCall's 5591

I've been working on this skirt for this whole week, little bits at a time.  My crazy class has ended and I have a week off before my next one starts.  We've been sick at home this week though, plus my husband's friends are here from California.  So it's been a little crazy.

I love this fabric I used for this skirt.  I wish I could find some more of the Cheep Talk in orange, but alas it is nowhere to be found for a reasonable price.  Miss K loved it and wanted some.

I sewed this skirt with McCall's 5591, View A, Straight size 10 (RTW I'm anywhere from 8-12).  I've been dying to try this pattern and LOVE the design of View A.  The pattern itself was easy to follow and the directions were straight forward.  The only thing not in the directions was to remove the basting stitches in the pleats. . . . This was obvious though and so I did it.
During sewing I didn't like how the pleats went toward the middle but I wanted to make it just as the pattern stated so I trudged along.  I also put in the first zipper wrong, ended up seam ripping it out and putting in this other one (because I got so frustrated I broke the first one!).

I was just not in a good mood to sew but I forced myself to finish it.  In the future I won't force myself because no good comes of it.

Skirt has pockets, zipper, hook and eye closure, and a cute waistband.
Well, I don't like the end result.  I really don't like it.  I hate how the pleats go toward the middle.  I should have went with my original though and had them go toward the outside.  Now when I walk the front and back squish in toward my legs and crotch, not flattering.  Had the pleats gone toward the pockets I don't think this would have happened because the middle panels would have been raised and not sunk in.
Also, the fabric is too ..... unflattering.  It is poofy and doesn't drape well.  I know it's cotton, thicker, not lawn, but I thought I could make it work.  Here it is.  Sorry for the terrible indoor pics.  Outdoor allergies are killing me right now!

Looks nice laying down and not being worn!

Pocket detail

Back Zipper

Back full view

front view

Front View

Side view ~ Notice the Poof effect

Back view ~ Still Poofing and Middle is sinking in

front view again with band

Back View

Front, side-ish view

I also have ZERO shirts to wear with this.  LOL.  I would love to try an orange shirt with it but I'm a "winter" color pallet and orange just doesn't fall within it.

If I sewed this skirt again I would

  • Choose a more drape-y fabric, lighter weight (a lawn perhaps)
  • Have pleats go toward the pocket and not the middle

Love the fabrics? Both were purchased from
Turquoise: Victoria & Albert Venice Turquoise ~ No longer available
Orange: Cheep Talk Birds Light Orange ~ No Longer available

Free Shipping on orders $35+

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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