Monday, October 1, 2012

Owl Pin Cushions

Lately I've been working out a new design for some Owl pin cushions.
First I started out with what I had in my head and I came up with this rough prototype

I liked the look a lot but it was WAY too big for a pin cushion; maybe it was more suited to be a stuffie.  So I kept at it and came up with this cute guy.  (he has vintage eye buttons! love!)

His bottom is filled with a rice bag so he sits nicely and doesn't fall down.  His body is stuffed at the moment with poly-fil.  I know this isn't always ideal for pin cushions but it is what I had and I made due.  I do like the sleeping eyes a lot in the first one but this guy is so fun to have sitting on my desk watching me!

This leads me up to the Sew Swap challenge.  My assignment was to sew up something for Omega at  When it comes down to it, it is intimidating sewing for someone you've never met!  Plus I had a crazy week of finals at the same time. Ugh! Why didn't I think of that before hand!
I was stressed but excited to sew something for Omega.  She listed her favorite colors as Aqua, Green, and Yellow.  I set out to sewing her one of these cute owls as seen below.  I like how the colors go together and this owl also has vintage button eyes.

I really hope she likes her new little friend!  I also sent along some cute fabrics so she can sew up something herself if she wishes.  It was fun to participate in the Sew Swap (my first one), albeit stressful and hectic.
I haven't received my package yet but when I do I'll be sure to blog about it :)

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Those are so cute! My favorite is the one you made for the sewing swap.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! :D I was so nervous.
      I really liked your cozies you made! Such fun fabrics


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