Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rainbow Brite Deja Vu!

In 1986 I was 7 years old and lived for Rainbow Brite.  I begged my mom to make me the costume for Halloween that year.  She slaved over it and has never, EVER let me forget it!!

I would kill to still have this awesome costume.

Fast forward to present day and Miss K is 6 years old (almost 7).  She tells me she wants to be Rainbow Brite for Halloween and my mom laughs.

Here is my attempt at making the costume with no "real" pattern.  I sort of borrowed the basic layout of the dress from McCalls 6638 (View A, Size 8) and went from there.  I also cheated with the rainbow arms and legs with clown socks! LOL.

Note to self: I will never, EVER sew with crushed panne stretch velour again.  Hate it.  Entirely.
Also, the pattern was either really awfully off, or my fabric didn't agree with it.  The dress part turned out LONG as in almost to the floor so I hacked 8 inches or so off the length.  Then, there is a TON of gathering in the skirt and sleeves (the panne hated this part).  My poor serger really got a workout with this outfit.  The bottom white layer is really fuzzy stuff (Micro Furry White); I was covered in it as was my machines and still is my sewing room!
Total cost of fabric (I have tons left over), bias tape, appliques, zipper, pattern = $16.70
Now that is a great deal!  Oh! and the socks were $5 each pair so $26.70 in all.

The red part I muddled together myself as shown below:

I couldn't find a huge rainbow applique so I improvised with 2 smaller ones.  I prefer the bigger one so maybe I'll look at Wal-Mart tomorrow.

 Here we all are together: Miss K - 2012; Me - 1986: and good ole' Rainbow Brite herself

Happy Halloween from Miss K - now to finish the Toon Link (Zelda) costume for Mr. T

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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