Monday, July 2, 2012

New Look 6054 ~ Long Skirt ~ View A

A few weeks back I made this amazing skirt (ok a great skirt out of amazing fabric) and I really liked it...(New Look 6054) except that it was so short!  I wanted to make the skirt in a long version because I love the pattern and the outcome of the skirt.  It is relatively quick to make and soooooo comfortable!

I'd been eyeing this fabric up for a bit - it spoke to me.  I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that sometimes a fabric just calls your name.  So I ordered it.  A cute medium weight Linen blend.  (You may click on the picture and it will take you right to it if you would like).

   Linen Blend Abstract Floral Light Blue Linen Blend Abstract Floral Light Blue on sale for $4.78 a yard!

I purchased 3 yards for $14.34; the pattern called for 2 3/4- 2 1/2 yards.  I wanted to make sure I had enough.  I do have a nice chunk of fabric left over; (maybe a few could be fat eighths) however, I think that the 3 yards is needed.

The pattern is really easy to follow.  You cut the front and back of the skirt out, the waistband, and then a tie.  I used bias tape in navy for the tie on this one.  There is elastic and the tie in the waistband.
I had no issues except that I couldn't sew it fast enough!  It turned out perfect.  I love it!  (I did learn one interesting fact today though.  Do not wear a thong when wearing a linen blend skirt.  The skirt lays against the body nicely, but also lays within the space between my butt cheeks too.  I'm not into showing the world the exact shape of my behind!).
Ignore the weird expression on my face.  I was asking Mr. T to hurry and snap the pic.  It was so darn hot today.  Heat index of more than 100 and lots of humidity.  

We had some wind when we had our picnic on the bluff though.  :-)

I think this is an excellent pattern.  It gives 4 different skirt options.  Short, medium, long and then a long one with a ruffle bottom.  It is definitely going in my favorite pile. 


  1. Oh, I like this a lot! It turned out great and I love the fabric! I like the length too - long skirts are my favorite!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Long skirts are my fav too :-)


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