Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Boys Will Be Boys Shorts ~ Shorts on a Line Challenge

I've finally had the chance to sit down and finish these shorts for Mr. T.  They are the cutest fabric and I hoped for the best; however, I told my husband last night that if I ever see this pattern again it would be too soon.  It was not enjoyable.

Simplicity 5581 ~ Cargo shorts
First of all there are 37 steps for these shorts. Thirty-seven! For Shorts!  That should have been my first clue.  Plus all of the pattern pieces should have been my next clue.  Nonetheless I trudged on because they looked so cute on the pattern front.  I made it through the first steps without problem.  Inserted the lapped zipper with ease and attached the button flap on the back.  It wasn't until the last few steps with the waistband that I started having issues.  These directions are terrible. I actually sought help from patternreview.com to see if anyone else had attempted this.  Low and behold a wonderful gal named Karen6750 had written a great review with pictures of the last few steps.  This helped me out a lot.

I finished these puppies for Mr. T who was thrilled to have them.  They are just an inch too big for him.  He doesn't grow very fast so I think these will be perfect for next summer.  My first pair of shorts for the Shorts On A Line Challenge is now complete.  I'm satisfied, but glad to be moving on!

 Front View

 Slanted pocket on the front

 Zippered fly with a slight view of the button flap underneath

 Button flap from the inside view

Back View

 Mr. T is happy

 Front View while worn

 Side View while worn

Back View while worn

Interested in the fabric? 
It is called "Boys will be Boys"
$5.98 a yard right now!!
Click on the pic below to be taken right to it!

Boys Will Be Boys Boys Toss Blue

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