Friday, July 27, 2012

** CLOSED ** Fabric Friday Giveaway! ~ July 27th

Today is Fabric Friday Giveaway!
Every other Friday I hold a giveaway for some fabric!  The type and kind vary but the results are still awesome! Free fabric for YOU!!!

Today's Fabric Friday Giveaway is this wonderful Vintage floral cotton.  It measures 1 yard by 56 inches wide and has been pre-washed. 100% cotton. It is an off white with pink roses and green leaves.  There are white raised dots all over too!  So cute! Nice and lightweight.

Specifics, Rules, etc....
1. Giveaway is open from Friday, July 27th, 2012 to TUESDAY July 31st, 2012 at 9am central time. 
2. Giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere in the world
3. Random number generator will determine the winner at that time and will be posted on the blog 

To enter: 
1. You must leave a comment on this post answering the below question.  Thanks and good luck!

I would love for you to follow my blog, but it is not required for this giveaway!

Today's Question is:  What is the one thing you feel you sewed the best over your sewing lifetime?  What one thing are you most proud of sewing/completing?


  1. I've only been sewing for 5 years now, but the first thing I sewed was a memory quilt for my parents 50th wedding anniversary 5 years ago. It was my first quilting project and I was guided along the way, but my mom really wanted one and no one else quilts in my family, so I thought I would give it a try and she really appreciated that I did that for them. She didn't expect me to do that since I hardly knew how to sew, so it was special to both of us.

  2. Well, i have just started sewing....(to be precise, since last month:p) so really, not many projects yet. But I am proud of my last one because i embroidered some of the squares (another first) before making a patchwork out of it (again, another first!). It was quite exciting:)


  3. Hmmmm... well, I have only been sewing for a couple of years now. I've made mostly quilts, but I also made potholders, curtains and boxer shorts :) I'm very proud of my quilts (with all their imperfections)! The one I just finished required a ton of hand sewing, so I would say it is my favorite. It took me about 4 months (weekends only).... BTW, I follow you :)

  4. I am most proud of the first quilt I made for my son. He came to the quilt shop and spent a good amount of time picking out fabrics (mostly black batiks). I sewed a diamond quilt for the first time and it came out beautifully. Most importantly he loved it and felt involved in the process.

  5. Ooo! Lovely!

    Let see... the thing I'm most proud of (so far, as I've only been sewing for real for about a year now) is a purple "Mad Men" style wiggle dress. I need to fix the sleeves on it (I don't like them) but I'm really proud of how well I tailored the pattern to fit my more robust curves as well as the fact that it's fully lined--including a VENTED SKIRT--in the inside. The one time I've worn it, three separate people asked me where I bought it!

  6. thanks for sharing.


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