Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Fabric!

I'm so excited for the new fabric I just got.  I have lots of fun plans for it.
I actually waited forever for this one to come in stock and I snatched some right away for Mr. T

Geeks Gone Wild Pac-Man Black  It's called "geeks gone wild"  and it is the Pac-Man ghosts!  How cool is that!  If you would like some you can click on any of these pictures and it will take you right to the fabric at

Here is a cute print I picked up for my first pair of shorts in the "shorts on a line challenge" (more info on the sidebar).  I'm making Mr. T some cargo type shorts with this print. zipper, pockets and etc.
Boys Will Be Boys Boys Toss Blue It is called "Boys will be boys."  I love it!

I also picked some of the below

Kaufman 21 Wale Cool Cords Owls Harvest Natural Kaufman 21 Wale Cool Cords Owls Harvest Natural.  I'm gearing up for fall fabrics and corduroy is the way to go!

And to finish my living room pillows I grabbed some forest green flannel and this cute rosette fabric

Lescada Satin Ribbon Rosette Chocolate A cute chocolate brown rosette.  It looks so fancy when sewn up into pillows (which is so unlike our house!)

I just love getting new fabric.  I seem to have a problem with it!  I can never get enough.  My sewing room is coming together as well.  I kicked Mr. SunnySewing out of the spare room and have set up shop.  It is so nice to have my own space.

So what new fabric have you all gotten recently?


  1. I've been choosing some geeky fabric for one of my sons who is a software developer, and chose the pacman also! Still in the planning stages, but hope to have a quilt for him by Christmas. I'm so excited about this quilt!
    Lately I've received some gorgeous Good Fortune Tranquility and Waterfall- Kate Spain.

    1. That is so awesome! We are huge gamers here in our house so I can appreciate that! I would love to see a picture when finished!!!! So cool. He is going to love it too


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