Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Skulls and Rainbows

Mr. T makes an appearance.  Poor kid hasn't had anything made for him since the very beginning of January.  I got this awesome skull fabric and wanted to do teal sleeves to match, but T decided he wanted black sleeves. I explained that it gets hot in summer and black is not the best, but he was adamant.

Ottobre 03/2013 #39 Beisbol Raglan T-shirt

Size: 152 - T's measurements were just under this, and it fits perfect.

Fabric: 1 yard skulls fabric from purpleseamstress $10; a wonderful cotton/lycra.  The black is scraps left over from my lady skater also a cotton/lycra.

Instructions: I didn't use them. Sorry, lol.  This is the second time I've made this top for T, the first time was in August 2013 and I had no problems with the instructions.

Great T-shirt, great fabric, happy kid, happy mom.

And on to Miss K, who always gets new things.
Ottobre 06/2013 #26 Pumpkin Pie Jersey Dress
This is an instance where I got great fabric, had an awesome idea in my mind, and then when I made the dress it wasn't exactly as I envisioned.  But, surprisingly, Miss K is in love with it.

I've made this pattern 3 times now. The first being the Oranges dress in March 2014; the second being the cheetah dress in November 2014, and now the Rainbow dress.

I actually used the pattern skirt as it calls for with the different panels.  As you can see I did a rainbow around it.  The bodice I left as one fabric, not 2 like the pattern.  And I made the sleeves short because it is getting to be summer.

Size: straight 146, fit: great, although a bit short. Instructions are great, but I didn't use them.
Fabric: cotton/lycra for the plain colors.  Some from purpleseamstress, and some from fabric.com (Laguna, Kaufman) I could tell that the purpleseamstress is much better quality.
The bodice is luscious poly jersey from a facebook group "cuddle muffins".  It is called Shattered Showers and was $21 a yard.... yes, you read that right.  But it is amazing and K had to have it.  I used very little here for the bodice so expect to see this print again as I hoarded away 2 yards.

I had made up these yellow leggings to go under the dress, but K had her own thoughts on what she wanted to wear as leggings.

Ottobre 04/2013 #30; size 152 width and 146 height.  Fabric: purpleseamstress, yellow. This and the dress used up the 1 yard at $6.50.  These are just below the knee at capri length.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. I thought - yay! Sewing for the boy!!! :-)

    I love his tee so much! And he modeled! That's awesome! LOL!!! And of course Ms. K is looking as cute as usual!

    1. I know! It's so hard to find good fabric for him and a pattern he will like. lol. Thanks Nakisha!

  2. I love that fabric you used for your son's shirt. Well, I love all the fabrics in this post! What a fabulous dress. I better not show it to one of my girls (aka your daughter's German twin over here) ha ha. They are so alike in their tastes. That dress is a total winner because it just looks like plain FUN! I need to sew for my son. I haven't made him anything in such a long time. I'm working on an outfit for both of my girls this week. One was starting to complain about my lack of sewing for them. Ooops.

    1. hahaha. That dress is great for using up scraps and so fast to make. I love it when you stop sewing things for them for a bit and then they ASK for you to make them something!!! Thanks Shirley, can't wait to see what you made :D

  3. love the skull tshirt and the black looks good with it too [kids do have their own ideas.ha]
    Boys Never get their fair share of our sewing..Mine didn't ,ha
    Love the dress. Cute pattern, and she looks adorable with the tights/leggins.. Super cute dress.

    1. Thanks Judy! I need to learn to let them have a say in what I'm making them - I think that is the key to having them like to wear it! It is so much easier to sew for girls I think, boys are just t-shirts and pants lol. Thanks again!

  4. T's shirt looks great! And he looks very pleased that you sewed for him.

    I like the bright colors of K's tunic. That print on the bodice is so cute!


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