Monday, April 27, 2015

End of the month catch up; Jalie, Ottobre

April is winding down and I haven't had a chance to blog about these makes.
First up is a "meh" sweatshirt for me. I love this pattern dearly, but the fabric was not good.
Jalie 3355 

Ignore chalk mark in middle, I haven't washed this yet. 

Size: "U" for shoulders/bust/waist to "X" at the hip.  This is exactly to my measurements.

Fabric: I have a hard time finding good quality sweatshirt fleece.  If anyone knows of a good place, let me know please!  I picked up this purple from fashionfabricsclub "Regal Purple Sweatshirt Fleece" but it is a lot heavier and stretchier than I wanted. It is more like sweatpant material and less like a sweatshirt - if that makes sense.  $6.50 per yard and I used 1 1/8 yard.
The tie-dye fabric is an amazing rayon modal knit from purpleseamstress (flash sale at $4/yard).  I love it but it was not such a good idea to use it for the cuffs/hem band because it is too loose and flowy, not good recovery. Better for a maxi...yet to come ;-)

Fit: It is hard to tell with this cruddy fabric.  The arms are super long - which I do like in cold weather.  The fit is boxy- what you would expect in a sweatshirt.

Eh, you win some, you lose some. I might wear this, I might now, we shall see. :)

Ottobre 01/2011 #33 "Meet-up" T-shirt tunic
I picked up a cute green shirt for Miss K a bit ago for super cheap.  She didn't like the shoulders and arms because they were really tight but she loved the jewel part.  I lost the receipt so I couldn't take it back.  Then I figured I would just fix the shirt by hacking off the bottom and sewing up a new shoulder/sleeve/top bodice part.

Fabric: Scraps of Laguna Stretch Cotton Jersey Heathered Knit Pepper, Kaufman for the Gray. The green is from the old shirt ;-)

Size: 146
 New Shirt

old shirt

The pants are Ottobre 06/2008 #35 "Mimmi" corduroy pants
Size 140 Plus
Fabric: 1.5 yards of nice soft eggplant corduroy with a bit of stretch. I picked this up from Mill End Textiles in August 2013 for only $2.99 a yard.

I've made them twice before and this time I widened the waistband by 1"- it is perfect now
and I lowered the front rise by 1/2".  I think the rise is still a bit high so I might take another 1/2" if I make them again.  These are still a bit loose on K but just right height-wise so I will most likely add an inch to the hem next time.

These are a nice alternative to yoga pants and K doesn't seem to mind wearing them.

It is really hard to photograph these pants. They are a bit darker, eggplant

Added buttonhole elastic to make the waist adjustable. 

I have summer on my mind and so many shorts and tanks I want to get sewn up.
How about you? Have you moved on to summer sewing?

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. That little elastic detail in the waistband is genious! Never seen that before, clever ;)

    1. Thanks Siri! It is a lifesaver in pants for kids ;-)

  2. I too have not found some decent sweatshirt fleece fabric (at the price I want to pay!). Love the shirt--what a great idea! I have to look and see if I have that Ottobre for the pants; those are so cute! I want to try that with the waist elastic!

    1. I agree, at the price I want to pay, lol. I over-thought the waist elastic for quite some time. Then I just looked and was like "omg that is so easy" hahaha. Thanks Shirley!

  3. Nice sweatshirt fabric is like the holy grail of the sewing world. I have yet to find any but when I do, I'll purchase like 20 yards!lol I love the tie dye's very pretty.

    Clever way to "keep" the store bought shirt that was too tight. What do you think about the Laguna knit? Is it a good one to get?

    I've always liked the Mimi pants and was thinking they would be a good fit for BK next fall/winter. I'll take your changes in to account as I like how the pair you made turned out. Great sewing, Kristin!

    1. Cindy,
      Isn't that sad? lol. We need to have good sweatshirt material.

      I think the laguna knit is thin, it likes to curl. I much prefer the cotton lycra of hers is amazing and the perfect weight.

      I do so love those Mimi pants. K was in a mood this week and refused to wear them. She is so stubborn. I hope you make some!

      Take care Cindy and thanks!


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