Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How are they holding up? Feb-May

Since no sewing is going on yet I figured I'd share the fun post I like to do where I let you know how things I've sewn are holding up and if they are in fact being worn.  I love reading these types of posts because we all see new, pretty sewn up things but I want to know how they fare day in and out. What may be nice on day 1 may not be so great on day 30.  (small health update on bottom)

From Top L to R
1, Winner: Simplicity Ariel Pjs are worn quite often and much loved as are 2. &3. both pairs of those Jalie undies, zigzag for me and blue for K.  4. K doesn't play much with dolls but she liked that outfit.  5. Winner: I wear my Ottobre zig-zag l/s tee all the time. It is one of my favorites.  6. I never did anything with the Lady Skater hack muslin there. 7. And K wears the Ottobre dizzy shirt a bit more than the 8. other one but both held up great.

1. K hates this O+S skirt and won't wear it. Her butt makes it stick out funny in back too.  2. She sometimes wears the pj shorts but not often (she prefers nightgowns).  3. Winner: K wears her orange Ottobre dress ALL THE TIME, lol. She is even wearing it today in fact.  4. My Kwik Sew pj set was not comfortable.  The shorts were a fail right away but the tank was too itchy with elastic trim for me to ever wear it.  5. Winner: I wore this Burda striped racer back tank a lot over the summer.  6. K only wore her Kwik Sew green tee shirt on this day and now it won't fit :(  I loved it too, but now it's been given to a friend. K didn't like the elastic in the arms and thought it was too short in length.


1. K has only worn this Ottobre jumper for photos. I'm not sure she's happy with it. I may try to get her to wear it yet if I can make white leggings and l/s tee for underneath.  We run about 50°F now days.  2. I haven't yet worn this dress. I attempted to on the 4th of July, but it didn't seem practical for sitting on the ground.  I'll try again next summer. The bodice is a tad big but I do like it.

1. K loves her Jalie undies. 2. K likes to wear this Ottobre tunic/dress but the pockets like to pop out and that annoys me.  3. K also loves these Jalie undies.  4. & 5. Winner: T wears these two pairs of Ottobre PJ shorts all the time. I can't wash them fast enough.  6. & 7. Winner: K wears these two Ottobre nightgowns all the time too.  She loves them to pieces.  8: Super Winner: This swimsuit was the best make of the summer. K is so shy and hates to wear swim suits but she was confident in this one with the swim shorts.  She swam so much more this summer and it made me so happy for her.  It held up very well too.  9: Ottobre shirt for K's bff. She's still wearing it from time to time so I'd say winner :-)

I've noticed a lot more success with Ottobre, Jalie, and Burda than I've ever had with the Big 4.  It's a good thing I have a ton of those magazines and patterns.  I hope you enjoyed seeing what worked and what didn't.

Winners: 16 (includes 4 pair of undies)
Fails: 1, so that's not bad
Dislikes: 3-maybe 4.

You know, this list really helps me see that my sewing has gotten so much better and we really do enjoy and wear the things I make. I'll remember this when I get down and frustrated.

Heath update:
So I'm still not sewing. And it's painful to not be sewing! I'm not very dizzy anymore but eating is still painful and tough. I have to wait until the end of November for my endoscopy (scope) :(  That is sooo long of a wait when you are suffering but I can't change it. I've lost 11 pounds now this last month and I'm pretty tired because I don't sleep or eat well.  So I have this constant pain where your gallbladder would be, except they took mine out two-ish years ago and I still have the pain. It gets worse when I eat.  That is in addition to my throat/stomach pain but I've had GERD and ulcers most my life so I assume that is what is going on there.  I also have other chronic things that make finding an answer difficult.

I'm hoping they figure something out and in the meantime I'm just digging through all my patterns and making LONG lists of things I want to make :D  I've created a spreadsheet for each family member and I might do a rotation thing when I get back to full sewing.  I also completed my Evernote database of all my patterns, magazines, and even fabric inventory. That was a huge task and now I can scroll through when I want to find something instead of digging.

Thanks for all your kind words and thoughts on my last post.  You guys really make me smile and it puts my spirits in a better mood. So Thank you!

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. I sincerely hope that the endoscopy will provide the doctors with some answers, Kristin. Living in constant pain is not good.

    I love your "holding up" posts. Looks like this batch of sewing was pretty much a win!

    1. Thanks Cindy, I can only hope :-)
      And thanks! This sewing really was a win batch!

  2. I hope your endoscope produces some result, being in pain is the worst. I have similar problems, and had some diagnostic surgery in August. They couldn't find anything wrong, so I changed my diet to grain-free and now I am much better. Best of luck to you :)

    1. Thank you Siri! I have been gluten free for 2 years now but meat and veggies are very painful to eat so I feel like I'm starving here! It really sucks when they go in and can't find anything when you hurt :( I'm glad you are much better

  3. I love seeing these posts that you do. It's so great to see what patterns worked and what didn't. I like to see what is actually being worn everyday too. I sometimes blog about something and then hardly ever wear it or not at all.

    I'm sorry you're still in pain and I I hope you will be able to find some answers with the endoscopy!

    1. Me too Elizabeth! You should do one of these posts. I really like knowing what ends up being comfortable in the long run, how well it holds up, and what really works.

      Thanks! I'm better right now and I'll hold on to that as long as I can! 6 weeks to the endo.

  4. I just got out of the hospital today! I read all your responses on my blog last night from my hospital bed and enjoyed that so much--thank you for taking all the time to do that--it put a big smile on my face. I'm so tired, but glad to be home. Everytime they asked me if I was in pain, I said, "no pain!" LOL I can take motrin at home, right? This procedure was the easiest so far, thank goodness! I wish you could get your appointment moved up. I hope there is a cancellation where your appointment can be changed. I know how painful a wait can be. The roughest time I had with my surgery was the prep of them putting the needle in the vein. Twice the nurse tried and missed it in 2 different places. The second time tears just rolled down my face and another nurse kept wiping the tears. The doctor came out to me before they rolled me in and told me the Anesthesiologist would take care of it. By then I was nearly ready to jump out of my skin at the thoughts of try #3, but he did it so easily and it didn't hurt. Next time I will ask if the Anesthesiologist can just do it instead of having the nurses try. I need to work on organizing and setting up a database like you have done, but I never want to stop sewing long enough to do it. ha ha Three months I go back for the final touches, so one more hospital stay but I think it will be only a night. I think my medical file is about 3 inches thick now just from these past 2 years. I'll be thinking of you and wishing you all the best. Take it easy. The sewing machine will be there when you feel like getting back to it. I know how you miss it. Those of us with this passion live for the moment to sew something new. In the meantime, just shop online for patterns and fabric. LOL That helps me to fill the void of not being able to sew. Before I went into the hospital, I bought myself the Lola Victory pattern and fabric to make it. It was fun to plan for something new.

    1. :) You are the best Shirley! (I'll be sending you an email today)

  5. What a great post! We hardly ever get to read things like this, so I found it really interesting!

  6. I agree with you about the Jalie, Otto, and Burda (although I don't sew those nearly as much lately).

    And, ugh, I'm sorry your appointment is so far out. Hang in there ):

    1. Thanks Joy. I'm managing for now, lol. I realized I don't sew many Burda's either. I sold about 1/2 my subscription and decided not to renew this year. Maybe once I get through some older issues :)

  7. Just reading back and I am so sorry to hear you have been unwell.
    xx N


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