Monday, April 2, 2012

Plastic grocery bag holder ~ fyi I love mushrooms!

I've been wanting one of these plastic bag holders for a long time now.  I was growing tired of the pile of bags in a corner of my computer room.  On one of my late night browsing sessions I came across this ADORABLE bag.  I quick buzzed over to Great deals from! Click here and grabbed some fabric (which I'd been eyeing).  My serger came last week and I thought it would be a great project to start with on it!

When I first read the directions I was overwhelmed but as I did each step, it was SO EASY to make!  I love how it turned out too!  What do you think?  It matches my kitchen perfectly!

I can't wait to make my mom one now!  I did end up having the circumference a bit smaller because halfway through the bag I had a runaway serger incident!  It was bad.  I've learned my lesson not to chain off on the serger when I'm not paying attention.......  However, the bag still turned out great!

Great deals from! Click here
fabric: "To market to market mushrooms retro" (I'd cover my whole house with this if I could!
            "Moda Marble Swirls Green"
            "Secret Garden Daisy Petal Brown"

The super awesome blog with the tutorial is Sew 4 Home and I stalk this site daily to see the cool things they come up with! :)

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