Saturday, April 14, 2012

Buttercup Bag!

I initially printed off the free pattern (at made by rae) for this amazing purse but then fell so much in love with it and how fun it was to make that I went back and bought the pattern and license to sell them!  I'm super pumped about making my mom one for mother's day!!  I plan on having some piping on it though.

I really dig this fabric, it is so cute and spring-like!  This was made with the free pattern so it is the smaller version (my 6 yr old, Miss K. claimed it already).  I'm excited to make the large one now!
I was very happy with the medium weight interfacing that I used for the outer shell.  It makes the purse so much more durable and less floppy :-)

Thanks so much Made by Rae!!! I LOVE THIS!

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