Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! Meet the girl bunny puppet!

So Easter is here and my kids are at Grandpa's.  I totally forgot about Easter Bunny stuff when I agreed to let them spend the night! What was I thinking!! Oh well, I figure the Bunny can hide their stuff before they get back home tonight. 
Fast forward to today at noon when I realize I haven't made girl bunny hand puppet yet!!!!!!!! Yikes!  Panic sets in.  Scramble to find all pieces and start to whip her up.  Only took 20 minutes as sweat was beading on my forehead.  I could just picture Miss K, apple of my eye, crying HER eyes out because Mr. T had an adorable puppet and she didn't.  Sigh.

Crisis averted, Girl Bunny Puppet made and I even added a cute pink bow.  What do you think?
I'm loving her!!  Template and all credit for the design goes to The Purl Bee

I had the Easter Bunny type up a cute rhyming letter for the kids and somehow a carrot ended up on the floor by the letter. Oh my! and Easter grass is trailing through the house... did the Bunny sneak into our house?? lol.  :)

Happy Easter to you all!

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